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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers! - Season 2!



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That’s brilliant. It feels like they’ve got this whole story perfectly laid out, I really hope that’s the case.


The episode was great. One of the best out of the 4 episodes this season. I had a feeling that that girl from the other Park was William’s daughter and it turns out I was right. The directing of the episode was also great. This series just keeps getting better and better.

PS: The line “There was once two fathers, one from above and one from below. But that’s a lie. There’s only the devil and when he looked up, he saw his reflection, laughing down on us.”, I might’ve gotten that wrong but that has to be my favorite line from this series so far.


I enjoyed that episode a lot. Peter Mullen is always good, and I’m happy to see Elsie back.

Having said that, I do agree that this season isn’t (yet) as good as the first one. Clearly a lot is still being held in reserve. We’re going to get a proper look at Samurai world soon (I hope) but that’s still only three parks out of six. These aren’t really mysteries yet, just things we haven’t seen.


Three small comments of tonight’s episode:

I laughed with the hacky bit about copying WW storylines into SW.

I guess Maeve is now using that kind of ping system Bernard mention a couple of episodes back to broadcast her commands (I had another theory for that system). The mesh network it was called.

Teddy was wearing a “So dead” giant sign above his head during all this episode, so just reprogramming him was a surprise.


I enjoyed reading this episode.


Cash Rules Everything Around M…

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RE: The Cradle

So Delos went with Samaritan instead of The Machine. This is why you don’t subcontract out to Decima Technologies.


Well… that was interesting.

Again, with this season, a certain amount of vamping rather than getting on with it, and some lost momentum as a result, but the good stuff remains very good.

Problems the heart scene felt false, there for shock value, the samurai duel was well done, but not really needed, and the Japanese hosts deciding not to go with Maeve was a bit forced, as was her “I’ve got to do this alone.” decision. I understand the emotional backdrop, but they’re in a war zone (technically) and she’s very smart.

In addition Delos issues their host-repair labs with a crucifixion gun? :roll_eyes: Because strapping hosts down wouldn’t be as dramatic.

Good stuff; meeting the rescue team leader and his attitude, Teddy and his new attitude (Dolores may have overdone it a bit there), Bernard and Elsie (again, some of that was a bit forced),The big reveal at the end, was not unexpected, but still works, dramatically.

Middling; William and his daughter. Well done, but felt a little out of place.

Four more episodes to figure out WTF is going on now?


Some thoughts…

Ford could control hosts non-verbally, the way Maeve does now. But how could a human plug into the hosts’ “wireless network”?

Theory #1: Ford was a host during those scenes. And therefore not currently “dead” (at least no more dead than he was then).

We now know there’s a virtual simulation of Westworld (which Bernard is currently plugged into). Which makes sense, because you don’t build something that complex without modelling it first.

The obvious question now is, how much of what we’ve seen has actually been in that simulation and not in the physical park at all?

Theory #2: Everything?


If this is all a simulation I’ll stop watching.

Totally uninterested in that.

Or Ford as a host in the long term.


We saw his decomposing body though. He obviously could still be alive in host form though, but it’s a bit obvious.


Theory #3: Maeve figured out the WiFi password. Turns out, it was “password”


Subdermal implant… a modem under the skin, basically :smile:

But honestly, this show is VERY loose with its rules… I still don’t understand how the guns are supposed to work =/


It’s becoming increasingly clear this show doesn’t hold out under close geek level scrutiny. It’s worse that Lost. After the brilliance of the first season I’ve found this second one to be a huge load of guff, endless padding, obtuse mysteries and character acts that make no sense at all. It went from a brilliant setup and commentary to switch your brain off TV.


And on top of it all, with a LOT less nudity than the previous season… u_u


The only reason I’m watching the Dolores scenes anymore is because of Teddy.

He’s finally become Yul Brynner.


It’s pretty clear tits are used to sell the first season of a TV show. It seems to happen with most premium series these days.