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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers! - Season 2!


There’s no way that Ford wouldn’t have lived for the drama of her finding her daughter.


So, going over a little thing:

  • Arnold and Ford create the first version of the park, they are probably The Argo Initiative
  • They seek external funding from Delos and others, cue Logan. They took the hosts to the real world to do so.
  • Arnold arranges the massacre/dies.
  • Ford rebuilds, opens the park, is in financial trouble.
  • Logan & William visit the park to evaluate upgrading their investment / take over.
  • William convinces Delos Sr. to do that, due to the value of the data collected or something else that he hints at.
  • Logan goes full junkie, William is taking over Delos, Delos Sr. is retiring, the hosts are in the outside world again for that party.


And btw… :stuck_out_tongue:


Or that he is using her as a carrier, to distribute code to the other parks during her quest for her daughter. (“Your daughter is in another park”). :wink:

Depends on the level of access/power Ford had in the other parks, and its hosts. Westworld seems to the one were all modifications are rolled out and tested first.



My guess is that Delos Sr.'s mind is being kept alive in one of the hosts, maybe Dolores’s “father,” who malfunctioned in the pilot.


I was completely wrong about the William/Man in Black plot twist in season one, so any speculation I make I try to remember that I’d be a lousy detective in real life.

But I still think the basic plot is that Arnold thought the hosts deserved a chance to be free and that Ford decided that he was right after his suicide, but that Ford was a really messed up guy and had a very convoluted, tough-love way of making that happen.

Delos are the fly in that ointment, the spanner in those works, and William is the personification of that, especially for Ford.

And Ford was enough of an asshole to jeopardise the whole thing just to mess with William, after death.

I don’t think Delos, the corporation, have any idea that Ford was planning any of this,


Delos, in this show, is probably a great example of the “Crichton Corporation” that he loved to use in his novels so much. Far reaching, short sighted, and in charge of everything dangerous.

My guess is that even though the robots are “dead” in the present, they’re still going to find a way to muck it up.


The robots don’t die. Can’t die really. Drowning wouldn’t really harm them. It’s another fake out I think.


One of the tablet screens we saw in this episode had an on/off option for mortality; presumably it controls the setting for if they’re shot, stabbed, etc they appear to die.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some or all of the drowned robots turn out to still be active.


I mean, yeah…I was thinking the “present” storyline is going to have the same kinda trajectory as the last quarter of Jurassic Park: The Lost World where the T-Rex reaches the mainland via the ship


If Ford runs all 6 parks he could have done that from a computer terminal.

There’s nothing in Meave’s actions that suggest she’s making converts for the revolution. I really think the quest for her daughter was the first real glimpse of independence from programming. Arnold didn’t make them independent with his maze, Ford did simply through their ongoing learning experience. I think she’s the only one who’s truly freed herself from her code. There’s no advantage to her searching for her daughter otherwise.




He’s continuously around people who have intimate knowlege of hosts on every conceivable level, and he fooled every single one of them. The rest of the world will be pushovers in comparison.


Until he goes through an X-ray machine…


Or gets asked for some ID…


Or gets an MRI…


Finds out what CASH ONLY means…


Well, that had a little of everything:

Rajworld, come to experience colonial India, tea and servants. Hunt some tigers while you are at it. Nice gun kink too.

Team Maeve has reassembled! We welcome back nice guy technician, asshole technician and crazy serpent on her face lady… yes, Armistice is back, now with a terminator arm and a flamethrower !

Confederate soldiers vs modern troops, today in battle you always want to see.

A rather elaborate game of Capture the Flag, with Abernathy as the going crazy flag.

And a NINJA!

A mysterious woman, with a mysterious map with a mysterious symbol…