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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers! - Season 2!


I’m just not feeling this season so far.

I think it’s because I really don’t sympathize with the characters. At the moment, I’m finding it hard to care what happens to any of them.


I loved the stuff with Dolores in the real world, and some of the Logan/William scenes, but I don’t care about the Ed Harris stuff at all.



I am enjoying the cowboys killing humans stuff, though. Still wish there was an actual survivor, but a lot of that is depicted nicely. There’s a good mood to it, and the Delores-Flashback stuff seems like an unneeded complication.


I’m still liking it a lot.


Interesting episode. Looks like the city was an actual proper city on Earth, and this is set in the near future-ish. The city was odd - no idea where it was, everyone dressed very richly. I’m not sure exactly where or when it’s meant to be, but I’m guessing that’s by design. The size of the property to host the westworld feels equally baffling, along with the idea that you have robots that can be people and the biggest thing they do with it is make a cowboy town - Westworld would be the shit place you’d be forced to go to in real life, you’d instead be rushing to orgy town or superhero town or fantasy park or something.

I’m guessing that William was behind both the capture of DNA of guests and maybe the replacement of some guests in the real world. Having robots in government high places would be the best kind of weapon they could wield. Overall though it feels like LOST, there’s so many unanswered questions and threat points that it’s beginning to become frustrating. Every episode is gorgeous and I enjoy spending time there, but the never ending mystery gets in the way of telling the story (there’s at least 4 different time periods at this point).

And I still don’t understand where this might go - they have maybe a thousand rebel robots but a couple of missile strikes would end that pretty quick.


Which is how the novel of ‘Jurassic Park’ ends; the Costa Rican government (who InGen has leased the island from) come in and drop a lot of napalm. No one wants to risk those park attractions getting out.

I assume that last episode’s scene with the Chinese soldier was to explain why that’s not happening. Delos have enough power in this future to tell China and their military to stay out of this.

The subtext of William’s pitch to his father-in-law was interesting; Westworld is like Facebook and they (Delos) get to be Cambridge Analytica; data-mining the guests’ choices for personal information.


So they’re going the Futureworld route?

They return with Ballard and open the door. Inside, they find clones of themselves, as well as clones of the Russian and Japanese leaders. The clones are being programmed through subliminal messages; they are instructed to always work for the good of Delos and to destroy their originals. Browning explains that his tipster’s envelope was filled with clippings about leaders from around the world, realizing that Delos must be cloning the rich and powerful.


That was also the point of the short lived Beyond Westworld tv series, in which a crazy scientist tried to replace some important people with duplicates, only to have a Delos team foiled him every time.

I don’t think replacement tech is yet there, in particular for a public or important figures that interact with a lot of people daily.

Only Ford was somewhat close to it with Bernard, and there was quite a bit to go there.

Edit: Oh, and Delos Sr. 's dying sickness may point out to another possibility too.


I think Bernard shows that a host can live amongst humans and not be recognised, if enough precautions are taken.

The showrunners seem more interested (to me) in other ideas of identity though. We’ll see.


But I doubt those precautions can be implemented for the type of persons you would like to replace in the real world. Bernard was almost a reclusive inside the park, never leaving, barely social, etc.

I do wonder how many post mortem programming Ford left to mess with the Man in Black.


Lots. Ford was a very messed up man. As with an airstrike on the park, just setting the hosts to kill William on sight would be much easier.


An unknown Delos conspiracy would explain Fords actions.


That’s what Tessa Thompson’s character is up to. She was trying to sneak customer data out of the park without Ford’s approval/knowledge.


She’s just a beautiful woman version of Dennis Nedry.

Clearly we need to know who the “BioSyn” analogue in Westworld is.


That would be Delos itself, working against Ford, they even set up a hidden outpost inside the park.


So Ford finds out and starts the whole rebellion. And he’s going to put William through the wringer just to punish him for ruining his park.

My guess is Delores isn’t acting in her own, she’s following another script build by Ford.


That was my guess about Thandie Newton last year.
It still is.


I found it fascinating when the helicopter flew over and all the Hosts froze that Dolores did not look quite as frozen as the rest.

That, and the line “There’s a war going on out there.”

Sure, find and step through that Door, bub. Doors tend to open from both sides. (A very nice Hawkeye taught me that.)


I think she had to go to the real world to reach out to robots in the real world. But she clearly screwed up that plan.


Yeah, I’d say it’s more likely of Maeve than Delores. Delores is more Bernard’s experiment than Ford’s.