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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers! - Season 2!


Pfff it’s obviously future Australia =P

Also, I kind of enjoyed S2E1 a lot more than I did S1 overall… no Lost-like mysteries, a more straightforward story, mind you not the most interesting one, but eh… excellent production and acting, so I’ll hang with it.


Geopolitics could change in the future, so it might NOT be something close to China as we know it now…


I thought it was far worse than S1E1. It was incredibly boring, nothing significant seemed to happen. I’m holding out hope that this season picks up quickly.


I tend to agree wth Jim (omg, again? :scream: ), it doesn’t come anywhere near S1E1. It wasn’t exactly boring, but it seemed… “pointless”, I guess is the best description. I learned all I needed to know about Westworld last season, and I’m not sure what they have left to say.

For me the point of Westworld was never “What’s Ford’s secret plan?” anyway, it was the questions it asked about the nature of sentience and free will and so on. It can’t really ask those questions again, and so far it doesn’t look like they are replacing them with anything equivalent – only plot-driven questions such as “where’s my daughter?” (who cares?) and meta-mysteries such as “How the hell is there an island this big?” (interesting talking point but not really on the level of “what is free will?”).

I enjoyed the episode, it was well made, cleverly scripted, brilliantly acted… but…


These sorts of questions are the essence of drama.

I like the intellectual debate too, but I still care what happens to everyone, some I want to win, and some to lose, but I care.


I’m in it for the cowboy robots killing everyone.
And hopefully Samurai and City Robots as well.

Disappointed there’s no real “human survivors” to follow.


I’m a little confused there, is this the theory that they’re all hosts?

Because there’s a whole bunch of humans in the episode and William, Charlotte and Stubbs are all survivors of the uprising… so far.


William was only interesting when he was JImmi Simpson.

I mean some actual human survivor who is in the thick of it. Some one who is just trying to survive for survival’s sake. Charlotte is doing some Dennis Nedry stuff, so I don’t really count her as like as real survivor to follow. Stubbs is in the present, and seems to have thrived so that’s a wash out as well.
Although I do find it funny how it took decades for William to find himself in the same shoes as his film counterpart - except now his characterization is way different haha.

So, no, I don’t think that they’re all hosts. That’s silly.


Weirdly, I found that I don’t. Maybe because I focused too much on the intellectual debate and not enough on the characters in the first season.

Or maybe because the characters whose growth I was most interested in have already completed that growth (and ended up as something less likeable).


I can understand why there was so much focus on the intellectual debate in the first season - and why people were drawn to it. Science-Fiction, especially in movies and television, have evolved and demanded more, so you can’t just let these concepts lie and be so superficial.

I mean, if we take Westworld as Crichton’s prototype for Jurassic Park, which it very nearly is, even in the latter Crichton imbues a “life as life” attitude into it and the ramifications of the idea of the park. Yet, it also balanced out that alongside human characters that are developed within the crisis. I think where Westworld is now faltering is that the characters, human and robot, were too developed outside of the actual centerpiece - the breakdown of the park - that said breakdown is out of place.

I mean, I think that’s part of the reason why it seems this season is skipping over it somewhat - by keeping it as a “past” storyline and continuing on in a present that’s already gone by it.


I don’t think you can divide the intellectual debate from the personal drama though.

Intellectually we’re discussing what it is to be a person, whether born or made, but emotionally we’re watching the consequences of that debate affect the characters.

We even had Bernard last year, who gave the audience a process of realisation, that he wasn’t what he or we thought he was.


Honestly, where Bernard is in the “past” storyline is an engaging prospect all on it’s own.
I think giving a “present” storyline was a mistake.


Well, I mean “past” is kind of a stretch… we’re talking about somewhere like 2 weeks no?


It would seem so, but I think we are getting a lot more down the road.

A little bit was the mention of the Bengal Tiger coming from Park 6, so we have at least 6 parks (Westworld, Shogun/Samurai and… India/South Asia World?)

For reference, in the original movies the parks were:

  1. Westworld
  2. Roman World
  3. Medieval World
  4. Futureworld
  5. Spa World :rofl:
  6. Eastworld (under construction)


I only recognize the Holy Trinity.



Aw, dammit! I wanted it to be spy world!


They’re missing a trick by not having Raptureworld. I think there would be a huge market for that.


I saw the first episode a few days ago and I’m excited for where each of the main characters are going to end up by the end of it. There are are time jumps, quite a few. It was a good premiere. I really enjoyed it.

Also, I’m excited to see what the other parks look like since there seems to be overlaps with all the parks.


Well, that filled some holes and opened up some new ones…