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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers! - Season 2!





And the music continues to be great.


Fantastic trailer. Can’t wait for this season. Best show on TV right now.


The music is one of my favourite parts of this series. I love what they’ve been doing with the music. So good.


I am very excited for this season.
That trailer did make me worry this season will drag similarly to the first season though.

I had hoped we were past some of the long pondering.


I like the pondering!


It sucked all the life out of the show.

But it would have been nice had it been cut down 80%


The pondering was the best bit! The plot dragged down the pondering.



I love Clickhole:

Welcome To Westworld! Can You Retrieve Your Wedding Ring From The Robot Prostitute You Lost It In?


The worst idea I’ve heard in a long time:


Some people want to read the last page of the book first. I think giving them a method is better than someone who guesses every different murderer until they hit on the right answer.


The problem isn’t the people speculating, that’s actually part of the fun with some types of shows… the problem is all the on-line media reporting thirsting for click-bait pieces… that includes the usual click-bait sites as well as the countless youtube channels that do the same…

I honestly don’t know if that’s gonna solve anything, because while yes it could (in theory), it has the potential to backfire, plus I don’t think it’ll stop all the click-bait stuff… so, I dunno… at the very least it’s an interesting experiment.


I don’t understand how this will prevent the people who don’t deliberately spoil themselves from speculating just as much as they used to, and hitting on the right guesses in just the same way as before.

All it seems to do is let out genuine spoilers that are then much more likely to find their way back to the people who don’t want to be spoiled.

It seems like nonsense to me.


Yeah, it seems they don’t want people speculating at all, and the only way to solve that is to release all the episodes at once, Netflix-style, which HBO aren’t likely to do anytime soon.


I guess it’s a fairly enviable position to be in where your show is so popular that you need to try and find ways to stop your audience from talking about it.


What’s there to spoil?

Cowboy robots kill people at a park.


Unless they try to re-do another Lost-like plot-twist… which is probable… I don’t see them changing the formula.


They followed through with their promise and posted a video explaining the entire plot of season 2. Watch at your own risk:

It was actually a gag to mess with the fans/