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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers! - Season 2!



God yes.


I’ll have what he’s having. :blush:


I’m starting to think this won’t go further than S2… =/



Awright. Who caught their dingus in a zipper?



Thought that was answered pretty succinctly.



Season 1 is one of my favourite TV series, I’m so impatient for season two!


Season 1 had one of the best finales I’ve seen.
Now that the chaff of the middle bits of Season 1 is out of the way - can’t wait for S2.


Really wanted to like Season 1 - the plot really intrigued me and is right up my alley, great cast, cool direction, etc. What eventually put me “out” of this series was that I felt like Ford, etc were constantly talking in riddles. Everything felt like a “clue” to some larger puzzle, it just got aggravating and eventually too cumbersome to me.

Also, my logical brain could not get over the fact that some humans could get hurt by the 'bots, even though they’re programmed not to. But Jigsaw obviously was into it - so how did the 'bots know? How do the bullets work? How does a guest know the difference between a robot and a human, if you want to rape/stab/strangle someone in Westworld, how do you know you’re not doing this to a human? I would have enjoyed more world-building instead of riddles in this first season.


I can definitely sympathize with that. I felt stuff like Ford’s, and the the show’s in general, pontificating really slowed/dragged things down.

I won’t argue that the premiere and the finale are excellently executed television, but in between there’s a lot of fat and stuff that could have been tightened up. But I feel like that’s stemming from really focusing on creating a background for the events of the actual “movie plot”. So, I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt for now. But I really hope not to see it in that same extent in Season 2.


West world gets better and better with repeated viewings. You enjoy the story so much more knowing how it all fits together. It’s an excellent show and I can’t wait for the next season.


I agree. I see that movie about three times a year.


checks to make sure I’m not accidentally posting from Tom’s account



That’s a beautiful trailer.


Didn’t see any samurai though…


Or togas

Those who went online after the Westworld Season 2 TV spot were treated to an extended version that actually announced the April 22 premiere. Well, it seems if you visit the reliably buggy Discover Westworld website, you’ll find that version of the trailer with numerous shots deleted from the HBO version (h/t ThisIsInsider).
But wait – there’s more! If you poke around a new Delos Destinations website, you can see various hints of the samurai-themed park that accompanies Westworld, along with four other unnamed parks for which “reservations are closed to the public.” Whether we’ll actually see them in Season 2 is anyone’s guess.