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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers! - Season 2!


I don’t know anything about the Dark Tower, but after watching the trailer it looks like a really stupid story. Is it good or stupid?


The movie looks stupid.

The books are good but then King got into a car accident after the 4th and then sped out the last 3.


I’ve always been wary of the Dark Tower, mostly because my stepmom recommended it to me as something I’d like because I liked comics while at the same time telling me comics were stupid.

It was positively bicameral.


Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?


Well, it’s the book version of a CRISIS Crossover, so I can understand that recommendation


Dark Tower: The Gunslinger was sort of King’s personal fantasy / journal / projective mechanism for years. He wrote it (parts of the first two) in bits and pieces. Way back when, Goethe was said to have conceived of a few lines or so, would write it down on scraps of paper, and toss them in a drawer. Years later, he put them together and came up with Faust. At least, that’s a story I done heard in a humanities class. Anyhow, that’s one part of the process. In those first three books you kind of feel the process of world-building as King himself grows as a person and writer. It’s actually the rougher passages (that can be read perhaps a bit better with an eye trained in bibliotherapy) that show King’s growth. Then a big jump; associated with, as Mr. Punk mentioned, King being plowed into by a mysterious black van.

And from that point, things get a little weird.


Still doesn’t tell me if it’s good or stupid Miqque.


First three - good reads but expect a very rocky road as the plot develops. If you liked (or read) King’s collaborations with Peter Straub, The Talisman and Black House, well, it seems like there was a big wealth of ideas going on that popped up in various forms across these five books. Good idea to read them separately.

From The Waste Land and Wizard and Glass we get settled into the rules of the game, and they are mostly complicated and are struggles we all have inside us projected to external events. Not an easy nor particularly linear read, more like Alice In Wonderland for adults on acid. Which is pretty much how it was written? I dunno.

It would be one heck of a good, long reading binge.


I’ve only read the first three books but they were very good. If you like King, you’ll probably like them.


The first 3 are great, but I think Wizard and Glass (book 4) is the best of the books. Books 5-7 have their moments, but are kind of a mess. And I say that as a huge King and Dark Tower fan.


I’m right there with you. 1-3, in their way, are the set-up.


He’s talked about revising them like he’s done with earlier books in the series and books like The Stand. If he ever does that I’ll probably finish the series.

Although I do really want to read Wizard and Glass. So I might reread the first 3 and then that one at some time.


Good or stupid?

That’s going to depend how you feel about Stephen King in general.

The Dark Tower saga is basically Stephen King writ large. It’s very Stephen King-y, with all of his quirks and obsessions spread across seven (eight?) books. If you’re a hardcore Stephen King fan, you’ll probably enjoy it. If you’re a casual Stephen King fan, it will probably bemuse you to some extent. If you’re new to Stephen King, you’ll end up wondering what the fuck you just read.

It’s also where goes full Moorcock and turns every single novel and story he’s written into a vast, convoluted multiverse.


Aye, like I said - it’s a CRISIS


Thanks for the response. I’m a casual King fan so it’s probably not for me. I tried the comic series a few years ago but it just didn’t click.


Then that’s definitely a good idea. The comics are mostly prequels but they’ve caught up to the main books already and they try to streamline the narrative a bit (like King did in his revisions) so they’re pretty close in overall sensibility.


Oh, I didn’t know the comics had caught up with the books, or even that they were still going. Like Jim, I tried them a long time ago but they just didn’t do it for me, despite the amazing art.


IIRC the last I had heard was last year they had started The Drawing of Three


Has anyone seen the ATT commercials where Teddy keeps getting shot with arrows? I think Teddy is due for some payback in season 2


We don’t get those adverts on this side of the Atlantic.