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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers! - Season 2!


There just seemed to be more to it, given the first scenes, and the plotline surrounding it.
It sorta just got lost in the shuffle.


There is more. The fact that he’s stuffed full of extra data and being used as a secret, portable hard drive by the Delos board.

The producers didn’t pick a host at random for that. They chose him because the actor did such a good job and (probably) because they can get some great drama out it being him, with all his history in the park and with Dolores.

I’m not sure about spoilers for season 2 by the way? Because returning cast definitely hints at things and if some actors, especially those who were playing human characters, are announced then it (probably) confirms that they’re alive, and not announcing them suggests that they’re dead.

What does the MW hive mind say about spoiling these announcements?


If they’re public announcements put out there by the producers, I think it’s no more a spoiler than whatever they choose to put in a trailer.

Which is of course still open to debate.


My concern is that not everyone reads the industry websites, if they did none of us would be posting the links here.

Some of us avoid trailers sometimes too. :slight_smile:


Maybe not, but I don’t think the likes of Deadline are read exclusively by people ‘in the industry’ either.

Either way, it doesn’t take long for ‘industry news’ to make its way out to the mainstream. :slight_smile:

(I’m assuming that as this is the Spoiler thread it’s ok to leave these links here, for the reasons I gave in my previous post.)


They don’t look like anything to me.


Damn, I completely forgot about that part!


In the fun and delightfully terrifying .gif, an unknown user is shown attempting to reach out for help as sh*t’s going down at the park as things have gotten far less consequence-free. The pleading is interrupted, the “Journey Into Night” program is loaded and a registered user declares “All is well.” and “Celebrations continue” as human beings naturally do after a desperate search for help. Toss in a plug for Westworld’s rebirth and you’ve got some tidy online marketing that’s bound to unpacked within an inch of its life ahead of San Diego Comic-Con.

“Journey Into Night” is the title of the still far off season 2 premiere for Westworld. The interrupted chat sequence suggests bad things for the stranded guests, but you sorta new that was happening when the hosts hopped on the vengeance trolley. The next season won’t be picking up immediately where the last one ended, so that opens up the potential identity of that unidentified user to be nearly anyone. Or possibly no one at all. Either way, it’s a nice promo touch that feels like a throwback to the breadcrumbs that used to appear online in the late ’90s and early ’00s. Well done, TV!

More at SDCC, I assume, but I don’t think they’ve started filming yet, so probably more of this kind of thing for now.


As much as I love the concepts of Season 1, it is nice to see hints at something more traditional.



Way late to the party, loved this show, just read all 1,290 posts. There’s a lot in my head, but one big thing:

I am really glad I came to the show with no expectations, no spoilers, and a determination to stay away from Internet chatter/fan theories as I watched it. I think some of that might have ruined it for a few of you (no concrete example, just a feeling I came away with).

I think Teddy’s going to play a much bigger role going forward.


Teddy’s the Gunslinger, of course he is is my gumption.


I also think I’m really going to enjoy arguing about this show with you all next season now that it’s moved into my “Must Watch Immediately” pile.


Does this mean I have a bicameral mind?


Only 1 year to go til that haha


I still believe Ford was the first and original gunslinger. And he’s trying to free his people.


Silly minkie! Roland Deschain was the first gunslinger.



And, at that point, Roland was only about 150-160 or so.


King David was the first Gunslinger