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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers! - Season 2!


Yeah Ford planned it all. He knew it was time as the company was about to ruin the hosts so he set the wheels in motion. I’m pretty sure Felix for example was told to do whatever Maeve wanted - no way he’d leave his grand plan to chance based on how one technician would respond. Viewers got frustrated by Felix but his actions make more sense if the company head told him to do exactly as instructed.


Also…he had the location prepared even though he hasn’t been out of Maeve’s sight.


If Felix was in on it I think we’d have been shown that at the end. “Well done Felix. Sorry, but I’m just going off now to get shot in the head, but well done!”

The producers didn’t feel the need to cover that detail, just like a lot of other incidental details; we go with the flow of the plot.

What we do see is Felix (and Sylvester) freak out when Maeve wakes up while they’re fixing her various wounds, so unless Felix is meant to be a great actor, it looks like it was a genuine shock to him. He’s just a soft touch.




Good point,

Allow me to play Devil’s Advocate here.
Maeve was given the ability to wake up, maybe Ford didn’t know which shift and only planned to approach the workers who were there after she had risen.


I loved Westworld. I have one problem with it though. Tell me this isn’t a plot hole, because I’m kind of confused. If Bernard was the host of what Arnold looked like, then how the hell did no one in the park know that Bernard was a robot?! Someone please clear this up for me.


Then I think we’d see that explained at me point. In real life Ford would have to be more meticulous, but in fiction he can get away with a bit more.

It is a real plot hole, but that’s what I think it is; a hole, not one with a filling we weren’t shown.


No one knew what Arnold looked like.
Bernard is not 30 years old. Maybe 10-20 at the most.
Not even the techies knew what he looked like.

I can agree with that.
But I’m leaning with Felix being approached at some point.
That location man…


I posted this in the Television News Thread but thought it might be of interest here:


A few spoilers (sort of) for where the show will probably go next season.


Ford or someone in Ford’s employ successfully scrubbed or otherwise obscured Arnold’s identity to the point that it was near-impossible to find any details on him - Logan and William didn’t even know his name when they arrived in the park.

Secondly, Bernard’s only been in the park for 8 years, so he was “employed” by Delos some 22 or more years after Arnold died. The odds of anyone other than Ford who’d recognise that Bernard looks like that one guy who died in mysterious circumstances before the park opened is slim.


Thank you, kind sir. That’s the part that I must have missed, that Arnold died prior to the park opening.



This is very awesome.


My only issue is why would they need to explore Juliet?


They need to explore her because it’s one of the many many many things that make no sense: Why did this picture in particular make Abernathy go insane? If they don’t explore Juliet, then it’s going to be another gaping hole of nonsense.

Though I am sure they are not going to include her in the show. The woman in the picture admits that she didn’t even know it was going to be used on the show.


It could have been any picture of the modern world. That was the only one floating around Westworld, and Abernathy found it.


I mean…yeah.
It was pretty blatant.


Didn’t Bernard comment that this picture should not have had such an effect on him?
Also, did we ever figure out how Dolores saying “these violent delights have violent ends” suddenly awoke Maive?

Just a butload of missing pieces. I was really hoping they would actually tie everything together neatly.


People have addressed most of your questions in this thread so I don’t know if you can claim it’s a buttload. :wink:


Who reprogrammed Maive?

Why the F does Felix do the stuff he does? Baffling. Why does he help Maive kill so many humans on camera and then go back to the park? Why does he give her her “daughters” coordinates after Maive already told him she doesn’t want it?

How soon after Arnold’s death did Ford change his mind about everything?

Why did Ford demand the robots be nude if he no longer believed that they are simply dolls?

Why does Ford do any of the things he does and say any of the things he says in the first 9 episodes?

Why does the “violent delights” phrase awaken the robots? How does that have anything to do with Ford’s ideas about consciousness or Arnold’s ideas about consciousness? Neither of these paradigms involve being awakened externally, they both require an inner maze.


You must hate Game of Thrones!