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The Westworld Thread - Full of Spoilers! - Season 2!


I just watched the trailer on Jim O’s recommendation and can’t wait.

When does this hit the UK? I have Netflix, Amazon and (maybe) Sky Atlantic. Will any of these sort me out???



Think it’s SkyAtlantic for you.


It starts on Sky Atlantic tomorrow at 9pm.


Great. I think we have that. I genuinely don’t really watch TV except as a pacifier for kids up too early as I doze on the couch…



Posted this mini review in the “watching thread”

Westworld was pretty good. It captures a good amount of the corniness surrounding the amusement park like the movie did, but fills in the tropes and cliches that have popped up about A.I.'s since the movie.
That was one of my main sources of worry…because the original movie plays the amusement park as so cheesy and comfy when things are “running smoothly” and this did not disappoint

I also like how the show tricks the viewer into thinking that Ed Harris will be the Gunslinger. That was amazing and I hope Marsden ends up in the iconic role.


If it’s any like Person of Interest (also by Jonah Nolan) it will be amazing.


Other than an immediate dislike of the opening credits and score (and a good closing tune) thought the first ep went well. As usual, listen carefully to the first minute or so of dialogue.


It’s great. Top 5 series pilots of all time. If it keeps up this level it’ll be another legendary hit for HBO. They’re really in a class of their own when they put their minds to a show.


It is a smart pilot that takes a lot of approaches we’ve seen before and assembles them in a compelling whole.


[spoiler]I like the idea that this is built up from the original Westworld in the same way Jurassic World was built up from Jurassic Park.

Also, there is a strong influence of DARK CITY in this in that the “hosts” are implanted with a variety of personalities so that one body may actually have a history of several different lives. This also brings up the natural “wheel of karma” metaphor that Dark City played with. Enlightenment or “Gnosis” is achieved when one realizes that all of the lives one has lived are essentially false.

The “hosts” are far more sympathetic than the guests (parasites) or the overseers which is a big change from the original movie where the guests caught in the malfunctioning park were the protagonists even though hubris may have been at the heart of their troubles. Playing God is still the primary tragic flaw of the story, but in this case what’s interesting is that the “God” of this world sees his apotheosis (or the human race’s apotheosis) as a dead end.

Of course, the discussion of evolution and mistakes also brings up the idea that even if they did achieve the ultimate mastery over death and life that Ford resigns himself to, there is still a dark space unknown that could surprise them. It touches upon the theological question of how an omnipotent, all-powerful being could overcome its own boredom.

Also, in the case of the Ed Harris “guest,” he certainly does seem to be playing Satan to Hopkins’ Jehovah. He’s looking for something in Westworld and its systems that its creator(s) have overlooked. [/spoiler]

On top of all the philosophical gems in the story, I think the characters were also captivating on an emotional level - even though their emotions are clearly shown to be programmed.


Well I’m getting a bit tired of the AI fashion that’s been VERY prevalent these recent years, but hey, it looks well made and interesting enough to stick with it. GoT it isn’t, but then again, what else is? :smile:


That is the strongest recommendation I have heard this show been given.


Well, to be fair, there’s probably more boobs and wangs than in any GoT episode… plus there’s a fair amount of violence… But it’s just not on the same level, production-wise. Or maybe I’m just not a big fan of westerns =P


GoT is a pretty shoddy affair overall, I have come to believe.

Westworld may be more kitsch at the outset, but so was the original movie…and that was kitsch and camp with a purpose.
I smiled the biggest grin I’ve had in a while during the scene with the over the top and incredibly cliche bank robbery by a two dimensional swarthy bandito type



I really liked most of it. The only bits I didn’t care for were the Ed Harris scenes. I love Harris, but he seems to be in a different show than the rest of the characters.


I loved Harris, honestly.
He plays the idea of a “elite gamer nerd” taken to the extreme to perfection.


I get the impression Harris is somehow involved with the “Big Picture” the park GM mentioned. Possibly a competitor.


Nah, he’s like one of those people that goes hard in a game like Sims, looking for backdoors and parts of forgotten code that lead to unrealized sections of story.

If he was an agent or something…it wouldn’t have taken 30 years.


Because I’m the nerd who thought through and would imagine every logistical facet of Jurassic Park (how much did it cost, what is the infrastructure like, who refills the gas powered vehicles), I loved this article.


People who are playing the ARG website tie-in for Westworld have found out that the price per day is 200,000.
Or 1.4 million for a the “gold package”