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The Walking Dead (waiting on season 10)

No, those are people in Walker costumes.

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Ahh, ok. Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t know why it should bother me, as I don’t watch it any more, but for some reason it really bothered me.

Well that was quite shocking. Kinda like a Red Wedding moment for this show (and I guess that’s saying something).

But it makes me see how people are leaving this show.
It’s too bleak at times.

That shocking event is actually based on the comics, although different characters were involved, so there was still an element of surprise.

Last night’s episode was “The Calm Before…”; next Sunday’s finale is “The Storm”. It will likely be my last.

I might start watching it again, that cast needs trimmed down badly

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We didn’t finish this season, and were done. We had episodes going all the way back to Carl’s death in the DVR, came back and watched through Ricks death. It felt like it had finally solved a lot of its problems. Then it went back to being entirely too dire again. The world sucks enough these days; this is not entertainment for this era.


Yeah, it is horribly nihilistic. It can get really depressing.

It’s like, every week you’re watching these people struggle and sacrifice, just to end up dying horribly.

Enid watches her parents get eaten alive, she struggles to “just survive somehow” on her own, finally learns to trust and bond with people again, finds a place in the world, and gets her cut off and put on a pole.

They all have stories like that.

I don’t know why these poor bastards don’t just pull a Jonestown and save themselves a lot of suffering and misery.

It’s why I had to stop watching. The basic moral of TWD is that if you trust and help people you’re going to die horribly. It’s such a terrible message and just too depressing to watch it hammered into you head for years on end. It’s kind of amazing I put up with it as long as I did. Mostly that just comes down to enjoying the characters, but basically all the characters I liked are gone now.

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Watching the trailer has me thinking I’ll stick with the show a little longer.

And yeah, no shit “Peanut Butter meet Jelly!”

Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes will return to The Walking Dead franchise — but it will no longer be on AMC.

In a surprise announcement that capped two hours of back-to-back panels for Fear the Walking Dead and the flagship series, the latter event ended with a cryptic teaser promoting Lincoln’s return: “only in theaters.”

This seems like a bad idea.