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The Walking Dead (waiting on season 10)

Well they did it.
I was even more traumatized by the arm scene than by the deaths.

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An emotionally draining hour of television. Just brutal.


It really was. Super tense; my heart was racing pretty much the entire time.

This is a spoiler thread so let’s go - is it fair to say that Glen’s death or pre-death scene was the goriest, grossest scene yet? An eyeball popping out of his head, his speech stuttering and stammering. Just ouch.

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This episode upped the ante on gore and violence, I think. After this, nothing is off-limits.


I was honestly shocked they were able to show this on television. I’m almost completely immunized to fictional violence, so I didn’t find the scene shocking in and of itself, but just that they were able to show what they did, as well as the leftover bloody pulp.

Technically, not a lot happened in this episode; it was all just resolution to the end of the last season, but it was still gripping… I download almost all TV shows due to my circumstances abroad, and usually I ALT-TAB constantly to update MW, news sites, my chat apps, etc, but I pretty much stuck through this the whole time, and that’s despite the lack of plot. Fantastic. I have high hopes for this being the best season yet.

This was all a bit to much like torture porn for my taste.

If this was the season six finale I probably would have enjoyed it more. But I think the fact they dragged itout all summer and then seemed to revel in the destruction, put me off it quite a bit.


I tried telling myself that it wasn’t that bad, that Game of Thrones has done it all and done it more horrificly.

Ive literally just finished watching this 10 mins ago and just finished chatting to a couple of friends about it.

I feel completely traumatised and drained.

The tension was almost unbearable throughout that epsiode. I’m still filled with anxiety now.

I was one of the (seemingly) few who thought the cliffhanger at the end of the last season was very powerful. It was manipulative, but it succeeded in working for me. I watched this epsiode as soon as it was available and I was able to. I never do that with tv, I just get to stuff when I get to it.

I need some deep breaths and a cup of tea. God knows how they are going to get out of this. I care a great deal about these characters now and I’m pretty much totally invested in the show - which wasn’t always the case for the first 3 seasons or so.

I hope the phenomenon has legs for a while yet.

Someone pointed out to me that everyone from Darabont’s run is now dead except for Rick, Carl and Daryl.

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Don’t forget Carol. And, technically, Morgan.

Ah yes - I did forget them.

You could maybe count Maggie in that Season 2 was in production when Darabont stepped down and he probably had a hand in a lot of those early season 2 episodes.

That said, I wasn’t a fan of the season 7 premier. For a number of reasons. The only part that really worked for me was the final scene.

I liked the fog scene. I thought it was really well shot and was underscored by the big deaths.
Also, CM punk won Twitter last night - thanks to a Negan Snapchat filter

The UK broadcast of this week’s episode was edited to cut out some of the gore:

[quote]In both the US and the UK versions, Negan beats the heads of Abraham and Glenn into a bloody mess with his personalised barbed-wire baseball bat, Lucille. But in the edited UK version, Glenn manages to deliver a heartbreaking promise to his wife saying: “Maggie, I’ll find you” before Negan emphatically kills him off – a scene that didn’t make the live broadcast.

Wanna see it? It’s at 1:33 of the video below.

The reason for the edit is that by this stage, Glenn had an eyeball popping out, and part of his brain exposed – and Fox UK decided that was too gruesome a sight for prolonged viewing at 9pm. Also removed were further heavy blows from Negan, and more close-ups of Glenn’s mutilated body and pulverised head. However, the scenes were restored for additional late-night broadcasts.

“As Fox Networks Group is regulated by Ofcom, we have a duty of care to ensure all our programmes broadcast adhere to the parameters of the Ofcom Broadcasting code,” A FOX UK spokesperson told Digital Spy.[/quote]

I think the recording I had was from on demand and had that line and from what I can make out, the gruesome scenes - I don’t think I could have handled much worse than what I saw

“Did you hear what he said, He said suck my nuts!” Lmao, love Negan.

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Looking at Dwight in a different light after the third episode (and more confirmation that Negan is one sick f**k).

Will he turn to the good side? Daryl is going to need some help.

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Wife bailed on the show after the season opener, but we still it set to tape so watched E2 and E3 last night.

Big improvements, and both very interesting and entertaining in their own ways. E3 in particular had style that really stood out - the opening montage with music, and repeated clips, close-ups of food.

There were some scenes in E2 where Carol was hallucinating that reminded me of video game cut-scenes. They (the creators) seem to be taking a lot of style cues from games lately.

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I liked this last ep a lot. I can’t take my eyes off the screen when Jeffrey Dean Morgan is on it.

The stuff with the wife is pretty messed up. But it makes me think if that’s what the world would devolve into if an apocalyptic scenario hits. Shades of the Crossed story “Wish You Were Here”.

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So, I think the Trump / Negan analogy in the lastest episode was a little blatant.

Really took me out of the show.

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