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The Venture Brothers Series 7 (SPOILERS!!!)


Oh hell yes. They’re back and back in style. I was laughing my head off all the way through the episode. Great moments with The Monarch (We’re not henching, we’re RECONOITERING! That’s a strange word) and Gary, The Pirate Captain has the dart money on his back again, and the sheer glory of Brock’s murder eye twitch with the far superior animation.

Why is it only 8 episodes?


I think it’s technically ten, but they count last year’s All This and Gargantua-2 as two episodes.



I knew they were counting All This and Gargantua-2 as part of the episode count. I just want more, damnit!

And that epilogue was the awesome.


That was so good! Laughed out loud at HELPER’s stair trouble.


Did they ever actually show him being rebuilt as regular HELPeR? The last I remember his head was stuck onto the Walking Eye (which was what, two series and 7 years ago?), but I don’t remember that changing.


I thing I’m going to drop the $150 and join the T-Shirt club.


Someday I’ll be able to afford that kinda money. That I (Skull) NY T-shirt is sweet.

I did actually see someone wearing the Henchman 24 T-Shirt in Dublin shortly after the episode aired. I was quite envious.


Shit, I don’t know how I didn’t spot this, but Stars and Garters (the Captain America analogue) was the guy who threw his energy drink at Brown Widow!


I love that the boy genius that Gathers wouldn’t let Hatred bodyguard lives in Deer Park, TX.

Yes, that is real place:
“Deer Park, Texas” on @Wikipedia:

Important question: Who gets to be Night Dick?


Dr Mrs The Monarch and The Monarch are the best couple on TV.

“Where is Dr my wife?”


Dean fixed him in episode 2 of season 5, the one where Venturestein builds his own South American monster nation.




Well, I pulled the trigger on the T-shirt club.



I’m so glad this show is back. I miss it when it’s gone and hate it when it goes.



Latest episode was great. The Billy Quiz Boy & Pink Pilgrim opening was brilliant.


I cheered a little when Robobo showed up. Also, Brock and Hatred’s prank on Wide Wale was simultaneously inane and amazingly creative.



It’s all real…


Wow, Hank got pretty damn smooth there by the end! And I’m slightly surprised that Rusty didn’t keep the nanobots in Dean’s head, and have him invent some amazing superscience gizmos to exploit.