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The Unsettled



I’ve been writing The Unsettled since 2009 & since have compiled over 200 stories that just last year started to put it all together with the art in hopes that our first issue will be released this October. Since then we have done a radio show in Philly ,been interviewed on have 5 book signings all set up, comic book shops from Delaware,Pennsylvania & Rhode Island going to carry The Unsettled , publishers wanting to publish The Unsettled as a novel not as a comic book (still thinking about this one) ,800 followers on twitter, 3 comic con’s scheduled been very busy lol. Anyway I wanted to share some of the art and progress. The first book Issue #0 will start off as an ashcan which will lead up to the Issue #1 . Various artist have contributed from Canada,Mexico,The Philippines & The United States.



The Unsettled is headed to print. Thy Geekdomcon III in 2 weeks!!