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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I remember that acid-bath cliffhanger well too. That was a good story.

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Dealer Alert

SpeedyHen pre-orders now active:

Transformers Phase 2 OHC9 - £26.93

Monstress OHC1 - £26.93

Britannia OHC - £26.93

Batman OHC4 - £17.56


Speedyhen had such a problem getting hold of Detective Comics Deluxe Edition Vol 4 I ended up cancelling the order and getting it from Amazon instead. Anyone else have the same problem?


Same here, but I hadn’t yet seen a cheaper price.


I got mine from a previews order and it arrived last week, so no issues there, fingers crossed Amazon sort you out with copy


Thanos Rising - I picked this up in a ComiXology sale not long after I saw Infinity War in theaters last year and was interest in more Thanos. Jason Aaron seems to be trying to give Thanos a sympathetic origin here. However, it falls a bit flat for me, making Thanos less Genghis Khan and more Jeffrey Dahmer. Simone Bianchi’s art gives the story a bit of a bande desinee feel which somewhat helps but didn’t pull it together for me. Not a horrible read but not exactly my favorite.


Waiting paid off, my copy of the Tynion Tec OHC4 is now on its way from Speedy Hen.


Cool. I got mine a few days ago (from Amazon). Nice book, but bemused why they decided to include the fill in issue #982 as well as the finale of Tynion’s run. I’m not losing sleep over it, as it’s Fiumara on art, and it reads alright, but it’s a weird decision.

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Speaking of which, I probably have to buy the Deluxe Edition of ‘Tec #1000. Alan Grant and Scott McDaniel!


Shit…I need to check this out.

Although the link to the newsarama article is not working…

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The Action #1000 OHC was really nice so was planning to nab the Tec one anyway.

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So, who wants a nice big OHC collection of Postal’s first series?

Due August 2019 - SH has it for £31.72, for a 27-issue collection.

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Dealer Alert

For anyone after it, Wordery currently has the best price for:

Brink: Volume 3 - Wordery - £8.18

In other news, Books Etc look to have changed their pricing algorithm and, in the process, lost their competitive edge completely. Their loss is Speedy Hen’s gain, for they are now winning the price war quite convincingly which is reason to stock up on the preorders.


I can’t remember where I heard about this but I’m glad I knew very little about it going into it. It starts looking like a murder mystery but goes in a very different direction. Nice little hardcover from Self Made Hero who’ve published a few interesting books over the past few years.


The negative space on those clouds looks very Mandelbrot-ish.

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Though I haven’t posted about it for a while (I couldn’t be bothered, to be honest), I’ve still be reading through BND Spider-Man and got to Grim Hunt today. It’s been a good run, though the Gauntlet super-structure is a little naff and Guggenheim going out on a slightly tepid story bringing back Kaine and the spectre of Ben Reilly is an odd choice.

But Grim Hunt is pretty cool. I love the central idea of the Kravinoff family being obsessed with reclaiming Kraven from the grave and him just being a bit pissed off about it. One bit I didn’t like though is the way Mattie Franklin is fridged as part of the story. Her death scene basically acknowledges that she’s a less popular minor character getting badly treated and it feels like such a waste. If you’re going to insist of offing a secondary Spider as part of the story, I’d have gone with Arana, given no-one really liked her at the time. The really stupid thing about killing Mattie is that she had a lot of potential in this era, given she’s JJJ’s niece (by marriage) and he’s now the mayor. That makes her Peter’s… erm, relative. Of sorts. Plus, she’s a private detective. There was a better running sub-plot of her returning to NYC to investigate the disappearance of Madame Web (or Arana, if they had killed her off instead) and getting caught up in the Grim Hunt, rather than what we got, which was her getting kidnapped in the background of one story and then being reduced to barely more than a missing poster in the recap pages for ages.

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Will this save Dark Horse?

Probably not, but a good thing anyway.


I am looking to replace all my floppies with hardcovers and giving the floppies away to a charity.

I can’t seem to find a good hardcover trade for Ultimates though. Isn’t that on the market? I’d rather not get it in paperback.

Also the hardcover for Dark Knight Strikes Again says it’s a “library binding”? What does that mean? Is it just another word for a regular hardcover?

edit: I found hardcovers for the Ultimates, they only seem to be second hand ones.


They might be out-of-print by now, but Ultimates got two nice OHCs for the two volumes as well as a giant omnibus that collects the whole thing.


If you search Amazon and only get second hand copies then it’s a pretty clear indicator it’s out of print.

There are two chances of getting a new copy then. Trying more specialist comic shops as they may still have them in stock or wait to see if Marvel reprint (with the knowledge their reputation there is pretty poor).