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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Fairly certain they’ve done $10 trades for the first volumes of both The Sixth Gun and The Damned.


You like The Sixth Gun don’t you?


Yeah, but I haven’t finished it - got the first OHC and really liked the art and story. Continued into the second and then decided I was going go through the entire lot. OHC6 is due end of October.

Unless you really like Hurtt’s art - I do - they are a now a tad pricey, OHC1-4 I got before the great Diamond price hike. Oni’s paperbacks are very, very good so I’d go for those first.

I dunno how, but Hurrt really seems to boost Bunn in the way the best creative partnerships work. Their other work I’m enjoying is The Damned.


I liked Cold Spots, but I think Harrow County is much better. It is Southern Gothic horror than Lovecraftian; and the relatively slow pace allows Bunn to develop the personalities of the characters.


I picked up Maneaters book 1 the other week, and it’s taken a couple of reads to sorta crystalise my thoughts.

Without getting too deep into spoilers, this is very much a book of two halves - the comic itself, which is a horror/SF/satire thing where girls have a 90% chance of becoming basically werepanthers when they develop their period, so food and water are heavily dosed with hormones that inhibit menstruation, but every once in a while someone still gets her period and becomes a literal monster - and the backmatter which is a mix of far more OTT satire, and weird little things like haikus written by a 12 year old.

As a result, there’s a fair bit of mood whiplash and back and forth here. For the most part I loved the comic sections. The story progresses at a good pace, has good characters (basically at this point Maude, the main character, and her parents who are separated. Her dad is a homicide cop and her mum part of the government taskforce that deals with monster outbreaks. Most of the character work is around Maude interacting with her dad, or her parents as they investigate a Cat attack, that may or may not be Maude’s doing). But there’s only three issues of comic in the trade, with the fourth being a faked up boy’s magazine, so there’s not a huge amount to go on.

That fourth issue and the other back matter is hard to get a handle on. There’s a lot of humour in there I find is very on-point - the list of traits or moods to look for in your girlfriend to see if she turns into a cat is pretty funny (it’s basically anything), and there’s a few similar long lists of symptoms and other things to look for that are similarly amusing. Bit some of it feels a bit too OTT. It’s Poe’s law in effect, I’m not sure if some elements are parodies of the perception of feminism in some circles, or are genuine and worthy of mocking. It veers back and forth across this line a fair bit, and it’s distracting. The inclusion of poetry from young girls is kinda cool, but feels like some of the overly earnest things some of my activist friends suggest at times.

Overall, it’s a good read, but not quite great. I’ll pick up the second trade when it comes out at least, and see how it goes.


I’ve been reading this in single issues and made the decision to drop it after the 5th issue because I didn’t feel there was much progress in the story from the first issue to the 5th.

Maybe the benefits of reading in trade?

I really loved the first issue, enjoyed the second but then it felt like diminishing returns as the series progressed as it became very one note.

I think the art is great but it just hadn’t moved forward.
I’ve got the 6th issue as I’d preordered it before making the decision to drop it, so I’ll read that and give it one more issue but I found myself getting a bit frustrated that it wasn’t going anywhere after grabbing me initially - although it is often very funny.


Hooray, this arrived.

I’ve been looking forward to this one.


If I was reading monthly, I’d probably have been frustrated at issue 4 being just a fake magazine, and if 5 didn’t grab me that would definitely diminish my enjoyment of the book, doubly so when there’s fewer comic pages in each issue to begin with.


Yeah, I had no idea until I opened it and it really annoyed me.


I never read Heavy Liquid. I may pre-order this if the price is right.


I was on a Paul Pope kick a few years ago and read it. It’s good but probably not as good as his more recent work.

Speaking of which, has there been anything said about the second part of his Battling Boy ever seeing print? It was supposed to come out years ago from what I remember.


I liked Heavy Liquid but I never felt drawn to return to it. It’s well worth a read if you never tried it before though.


I love Paul Pope’s art style but the stories never appealed to me.


Did you ever try Batman Year 100? That’s a good one.


Edited to add: @MartinSmith beat me to this a week ago.
Sorry man. keep up the good work.

Bumped into this pre-order (November 12th).

I’m happy with my Crisis Absolute Edition, but I wonder what this would look like on my shelf.


Wasn’t there some controversy about the second Aurora West book? I think the reception to that was very, very negative and it could put him off revisiting that world (pure speculation, of course)


I don’t remember anything about it. I thought those books were just meant to be fill ins by another creative team while he finished the second book of the main series.

It doesn’t seem like he’s done anything new since then.


Someone’s put a heck of a lot of work into a “not final” cover :open_mouth:


Lol! That’s the re-purposed Absolute Crisis cover artwork.


Ok that makes more sense :laughing: