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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


PRJ is one of my favorites. I loved it in singles but thought the collected edition was even better.


I thought the art on PRJ was good, but didn’t care for the writing at all, which is why I haven’t checked out White Knight yet.


Incredible review of Mister Miracle, Dave - on par with the book itself. Well done :clap:


Yeah I really enjoyed it, much more than I thought I would.


This is utterly gorgeous, and one of those examples of using comics as a medium to tell stories in the way only comics can.

It’s the story of Rodney, from birth in 1956 to death in 2026, with a single moment from each year in Rodney’s life told on successive double-page spreads: where Rodney is on the left, what he sees on the right. The only text are where/when captions:

Rodney’s a geek, fascinated as a kid by the skies and the stars, and astronauts imaginary and real as they push outwards into space. The story charts his professional and personal triumphs and losses, as he reaches for the stars himself, and starts a family.

At key moments, the story extends out into full-page sequential pages.

No words, one moment per year, and yet it conveys Rodney perfectly. Genuinely heart-tugging and beautifully told.

This is why I love comics so much.


I was just going to say it reminds me of Richard McGuire’s excellent Here, and I see you said the same thing on Twitter. Definitely one I’ll have to pick up.


Yup - it’s very much inspired by “Here” I think, but doesn’t feel derivative.


Under £20 for the Black Magick OHC makes it a definite buy for me:


Oh, that’s gone active? Right then, I’ll be back in a minute!

EDIT: Couple of others that are worth bagging now, or until we’re past the end of March and maybe avoid an exchange hike by Diamond:

Batman Detective Comics OHC4 - £17.56
The final Tynion Bat-OHC!

American Gods HC2 - £14.64
Under £15 for a 9-issue collection is pretty sweet.

Family Man HC - £22.15
A long time ago, I read the Paradox Press originals.

Out of the Blue OHC1 - £12.50
Ennis + Burns + war = What’s not to like?
Now, nearer the time, the likes of Books Etc may go lower, but in the current climate, it could easily be higher!


Little bit of DC fishing.

And about a bajillion Bat-books. More than Marvel do when one of their characters has a movie.


Some upcoming Image collections


54 issues of Saga for $60 is pretty great value.


A 1400 page paperback seems like a structural nightmare though.


I’m in for both the Kill or Be Killed deluxe and the Saga compendium.


I also just spotted this, which I’ve never heard of but seems interesting.

Anyone read it monthly?


Yeah, the longest Invincible Compendium was only 1100 pages.


It’s an old (well, 2016) series that was funded by Kickstarter:


Saga compendium is going to be too hard to resist, however it will be a long wait until the next one, so it’s either wait it out or start picking up in trade for the issues after the compendium and to hell with how it looks on the shelf


It’s every issue so far, so yes. It’ll probably five-six years before the next one.


Great to see the Kill Or Be Killed OHC confirmed. I’ve been waiting on buying a hardcopy version in that format. It’s some of Phillips’ best art yet, so definitely deserves it.