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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I was also thinking of this omnibus:


Is that just a paperback? I was trying to find it in some sort of cool, deluxe hardcover (that might bother to collect the director’s cut issue too) but I don’t think that DC have announced anything of the sort.


Yeah, only a TPB at the moment.

I wondered if it might be branded as a ‘Black Label’ book, but apparently not.


My Treasury of British Comics books have been stacking up.

Not because of a lack of desire to read them, but just trying to fit them in along with everything else, knowing they are not a quick read.

I read Misty volume 1 over the last couple days, in between reading bits of the second Hellboy short stories Omnibus…

- (which to be honest, kinda needs to be broken up because it gets very samey and varies quite a lot in quality, despite there being some good stuff in there, especially the Richard Corban ones, one of which gave me a nightmare, which was actually peversely very enjoyable to an extend - even though I woke up quite distressed) -

…I had planned on keeping all of these and building up a collection, however if I’m being honest with myself, they don’t hold much re-read value and I’d be keeping them only for historical interest. I need to try and be strict with myself and only keep any of the ones I think I’ll read again. I opened a seller account on amazon because trades don’t sell very well on eBay, despite costing me a fortune, and i should really be listing stuff like this for sale as soon as I’ve read it.

There’s 2 stories in the first volume.
The first is Moonchild by Pat Mills and John Armstrong. Despite it being clearly influenced by Carrie and very dated on the dialogue, it was still a good read and still less turgid than a lot of the US superhero books of the 80s.
Armstrong has a flair for drama in his art and Mills made me care for the main character, even if it was a bit cheesey.

The second is The Four Faces of Eve by Malcolm Shaw and Brian Delaney. I was very impressed by the art, which is a lot more modern looking and has cleaner lines than most other art of that era. However, I somehow knew the ending before going in and it really reduces the impact and mystery of the series. Without that I didn’t get much enjoyment out of reading it, although it was still perfectly readable from start t finish. It seems like a good idea for the time and if I was younger and didn’t know where it was going it probably would have made a better impression.

I’m glad I read this, it’s good to get a taste of the Misty stuff after reading a lot about it in recent years. I also have volumes 2 and 3 to get through at a later date.


A comic hasn’t given me a nightmare since Providence.


Today I broke down and purchased this:


Great choice! I love those original-art books and from what I’ve seen of it, it’s a good one.


I just heard that the Absolute Swamp Thing collecting the first part of Moore’s run has been cancelled, apparently to be resolicited at a later date (although often they say that and the books never show up again, like the Promethea Immateria Edition).

My guess would be that they’ve found it harder than expected to remaster and recolour the intricate art, especially given the challenges posed by the bigger page size of the Absolutes.

Glad I held on to my current printings anyway.


Yep, I got it, too. Very much looking forward to it, too. I loved King’s The Vision.


Thought I would finally start reading this:

Read a few issues of this here and there over the years, but never the full run from beginning to end. Hope it lives up to the rep.


I best not tell you what I think of it for fear of being banned from this site!


Born Again is probably my favorite superhero run of all time, if I were forced to choose. The rest of the Miller DDstuff is good, and definitely groundbreaking for its time, but I can see how its impact has probably diminished substantially over the decades.


Read the issue the bottom pic is on

Bullseye vs. Elektra…

That fight still holds up and the whole issue for that matter…


Don’t be put off by the relatively unremarkable early issues. It only really takes off once Miller also takes over as writer, about a quarter of the way in.


Born Again is in the companion omnibus, not this one, but yeah I agree that it’s a high point.


Yep, #168-191 are the issues worth looking at with #181 and #191 being the big highlights for me in that collection. But I enjoy the entire Miller written run.


Looks like Absolute Swamp Thing was resolicited for October.

Still no word on the Promethea Immateria, though. :frowning:


Oh great, I hadn’t seen that yet.


Thanks for the comments, folks. I blitzed through the first 4 issues this evening. I really enjoyed them. Miller and Janson’s artwork is gorgeous. So fluid, and dynamic. Really tells the story well. Roger McKenzie’s writing is pretty great too. These aren’t particularly clever stories, but they are well told and read easily (I feared they would be turgid and slow to get through). I think I’m going to enjoy this.


It really is.

I have the Artist Edition book they did for their DD run and it’s full of fantastic pages. I’d post some favourite images but I’ll let you discover them for yourself. :slight_smile: