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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I would guess that would include a discount from the RRP - omnibuses often have RRPs of well over $100.

But either way, Masterworks are a more premium product and you’re paying for the art restoration and book quality in a way that isn’t quite the same for most omnibuses (some of which do admittedly benefit from the art restoration that Masterworks readers have already paid for!).


Thanks Jake.

You got ripped off.


at the beginning it seemed to be a story about Gamora.


What’s your take on this one Rocket?


It does tie up the storyline he was writing in Guardians. IW started out Amazing. I loved the buildup with Gamora. I don’t want to go into detail because of spoilers but Duggan did a very good job with all the characters. There was a huge cast of characters and he managed the cast well.

After the big reveal, i felt it lost some steam because all the side issues were a mixed bag but the omnibus should have them all included because the main book picks up on the info from those books…

it also split into 2 stories which cut the tension and did not recover when merged back together to handle the end story, IMO. The Drax storyline in the 2nd half was good like Jake said.

Also the Cates GotG directly follows Infinity War carrying on a major plot question left open at the end of IW.


Thanks, that and Jake’s post are enough for me to take a punt on this - and complete the Duggan set.


To confirm that you should definitely buy it, I have it as the 1000th best story of all time on my list which contains 1084 entries. :grinning:



Damning it with faint praise there, Bobby! There are 999 stories out there that even Bobby thinks are better than this, Ben :laughing:


Hey, my signature doesn’t lie. If I dislike it, you’ll love it! For reference it sits within the ‘meh’ category (rankings 887-1025).


Dealer Alert

As Brexit sits square in the ‘no one knows what the fuck will happen, but Diamond will likely hike the exchange rate again regardless’ territory, I’ve decided to nab as many preorders as I can ahead of time.

Two SpeedyHen ones went active for April:

Harrow County Library Edition Volume 2 - £21.81

Aric: X-O - OHC1 - £26.93

Bit of Amazon-fishing also revealed that the Harrow County Library Volume 4 is set for November.


Yes . This probably sums up my feelings about it more accurately.

It definitly lost steam with me and had very little resonance towards the end.

Struggling to remember the last issue to be honest.


What’s the latest speedyhen discount code?
Need to preorder earth X omega Omnibus


Don’t think there is one at the moment, unfortunately.


Play a long game and it’ll be probably end up around £55 at BooksEtc


gofuckyourself :wink:


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