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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I read these during the week. All for the first time.

Green Arrow is the epitome of mediocre Judd Winick work.Completely disposable.
Strange Fruit has amazing art but story wise I would have liked an ending.
Avengers Endless Wartime didn’t do it for me at all on any front.
Superior is one of the worst books I’ve ever read with some of the worst scripting ever. I’m no Yu fan but at least I’m happy to admit he is a good artist. Ultimately it’s the writing that lets it down.
Avengers Korvac Saga. I usually avoid any super hero book that is pre 70’s as my brain can’t handle the clunkyness of the dialogue but overall this was easily the best of a painful week’s worth of reading.


Were you worried your reputation was fading? :wink:


As soon as I saw Superior in that image, I thought “oh ok, another Millar book for Bobby to shit on”.


Hey, I like some Millar books. Aztek, The Flash, Jenny Sparks and Superman Adventures are all enjoyable and Marvel 1985 is at 35 on my ‘Every Story Ever’ list which has over 1000 entries.

And re Superior, kids saying they are going to murder people, a sexed up sleazy reporter who suddenly has a heart of gold, too many terrible ‘of the time’ cultural references (the worst Millar trope), over use of the words bitch/fuck/shit/dickhead and scattershot plotting are why I didn’t like it.


Transformers Lost Light volume 4
I didn’t think this was out for a couple of weeks yet, but that’s just the bookshop distribution date and it came out last week to comic shops. I picked up a copy (signed!) direct from the artist Jack Lawrence on Saturday and I’ve been reading it today, spacing it out a lot so it’ll last.

I’ve been on massive spoiler avoidance for the series for months now and I’m impressed that I wasn’t unknowingly spoilt on anything in here. There’s lots of big series concluding twists and revelations and moments, and I don’t really want to talk about them in case I spoil them for someone else.

The series has had a spectre of being rushed beyond its natural pace hanging over it for a while and Roberts, typically and yet still somehow unexpectedly manages to thematically weave that into its final issue. A finale that manages to both have its cake and eat it too. It really manages to cover all bases and though it came far too soon, it’s… kinda perfect.


If that’s all you saw, you’re missing a ton of heart there too. It was always meant to be Big with superpowers. At the time, Millar said that the reference and speech patterns he got directly from his nieces and nephews.

That’s not what drew me to the book though. For me, it’s all the stuff that the Shazam film is lifting. The powers scene juxtaposed with Simon’s struggle with MS is pure gold. My wife has MS and that Mark was basically saying that what Simon (and by extension my wife) did on an everyday basis was equivalent to a superpower really resounded with me. So much so that the one page of original art I own is that page.

I understand that it’s not for everyone but for me there was a lot there to love and I love the visibility it gave (even for just a little bit) to people dealing with MS.


My copy of Empowered & Sistah Spooky’s High School Hell has arrived. Should be very good, however… It’s a standard trade so will not fit nicely with the other volumes, which will greatly irritate some.

In other news, a couple more Valiant OHCs have been spotted:

July sees Britannia be released, 12 issues, 3 minis, by Peter Milligan and Jose Ryp.

August sees the new Ninja-K get a 14-15 issue OHC.


I had a couple flights this past week so got in a little bit of reading. All digital of course.

Chrononauts Vol. 1 - I haven’t read this book since it was originally published in singles. I was floored at how well it held up even having read it before. I love the buddy movie meets fun action/sci-fi romp with time travel, intrigue, huge battles with players from across history and just about anything else you could want all with two great characters to bounce off each other. This book feels like every great 80’s movie wrapped into one but without the need for the heavy nostalgia. @Mark_Millar and Sean Murphy really shine here as a team with tons of scenes just exploding off the page. There’s even a nice shout-out to one @Jim Ohara. I can’t wait for more of these characters and the eventual Netflix adaptation.

Deadly Class Vol. 1: Reagan Youth - I had previously read the first issue and not been hooked enough to pick it up in singles but the coming TV series and an Image ComiXology sale gave me the excuse to give it a shot. The book was pretty enjoyable as Harry Potter for assassins type setup. There was a bit of a too-cool-for-school anti-Reagan era politics bent to it but despite it being one of the main themes, I don’t feel like that clouded the narrative too much. There was a secret that kept being alluded to but never quite completely developed (especially in motivation) through the whole of this first installment. I assume that is developed on in subsequent material. The art suited the narrative quite well. I don’t think I would continue with anymore of this series but it was a fun read.

Spider-Gwen Vol. 0: Most Wanted? - After seeing Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, I was intrigued by this character and picked up this book in a Marvel ComiXology sale. I was not disappointed. It was a fun romp through an alternate Marvel universe with Gwen Stacy as the one bitten by the radioactive spider in this world. She still has a lot of the trapping of the traditional Peter Parker with the guilt of not doing more and loosing friends because of it. Like the Ultimate Universe, it’s interesting to see the way different characters play out in this universe with Matt Murdock being one of my favorites. Even though Miles was the central character in Into the Spider-Verse, this book feels much more like the origin of the style and tone of the film. So if you were into that film, I highly recommend giving this book a shot. I probably won’t rush to read subsequent volumes but they are on my radar for the future.


Some Marvel fishing



You could get both of the Miller DD omnibuses in OHC format for less than that, so it seems a bit much to me.


Despite the title, this looks likely to be an OHC / Omnibus as it’s hardback. If so, could be a steal.


The problem with The infinity wars Omnibus is the story doesn’t even have an end it just kinda roles into the next one which is Wolverine and the infinity watch I believe.


I can buy there is ‘story continues here’ aspect but I had thought Duggan concluded his tale that he started on Guardians?


That was not my take out from the end.
Could just be me


Hmm, time to assemble the MW critics then… Now, where did I put that list?

EDIT: Sounds like Cates’ Guardians also picks up pieces too?


Duggan finished his story and left threads for the next writer. Ultimately, I feel like it was a story about Drax. I just don’t think it was telegraphed well enough at the start. It was an interesting take that brought in the character’s entire history and left him peace and fighting at the same time.

EDIT: And actually tied up some of the character’s glaring contradictions at the same time.


Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2 - Morrison continues his somewhat unique take on Wonder Woman in this series. I assume he is trying to reinforce what he thinks are elements that William Moulton Marston originally instilled in the character but have been lost over the years. One of the main elements is the “loving submission” theme that comes off as kind of an odd bondage fetish both in Marston’s work and this volume. The main villain of the piece is Dr. Psycho reimagined as a modern male pickup artist complete with trashy mind manipulations which fits in with the previously mentioned ideas but is still incredibly weird. The fact that they look remarkably like Nick Cave makes it even weirder. There are some odd interjections that aren’t really explained and don’t come to fruition. So I can only imagine they will finish out in the next volume. Yanick Paquette’s art is incredible. At times it lends a bit of a heightened sexuality to the characters which can be a bit uncomfortable with the nature of some of the themes. I honestly have kind of mixed feelings on this book. There are places where it is truly great but then there are areas where it just feels like it’s edging on being a weird bondage comic that pulls back at the last minute. So I don’t know where to put it. I think the final volume will ultimately decide how the series fits due to all the loose threads left in this book.


$75 for a Masterworks now? I’d be happy to pay that for a Ghost Rider Omnibus, but… :confused:


This has been the RRP for Masterworks for quite a while now, I think.


Wow. I didn’t realise. Or maybe I’m doing my $ -> £ conversion wrong.

The last omnibus I ordered was only £62, and it’s 3 times the page count of a Masterworks.