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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Today’s delivery … Looking forward to reading these beautiful OGN’s


Just read A Study in Emerald not long ago. Good stuff. Though if you’ve read the short story you know the twists.


I haven’t, but it was your review that prompted me to pick it up.


Sara by Garth Ennis and Steve Epting.

I confess I’d never heard of this but was tempted after having it waved under nose at my LCS. Glad I took the plunge because it’s on-form Garth enhanced by superb art by Epting. Recommended.


This is one of the new TKO books that you can’t get from Amazon, etc.


Oddly enough, I just read the first issue last night. It’s not really my thing (as I feel there are several better versions of something similar out there) but it was a decent enough story.


Am I right in thinking the English translation of the manga Domu is out of print? I saw a preowned copy (phone book size) in my local comic shop of £8 and I’ve bought it with the plan of selling it on afterwards for profit. Anyone got a benchmark figure for what I should ask for it?


Some people on ebay are asking £60-70 for it but the sold copies are more like £15-20.

I picked up a second-hand version for around the same price as you a while back but still haven’t got around to reading it. I should remedy that soon.


Domu is brilliant, I have the Mandarin edition from the 90s and would love to get my hands on the Dark Horse/Studio Proteus translation at some point - it’s much better.


I might whack it on ebay for twenty quid once I’ve read it and se what happens. If it doesn’t shift I’ll not be gutted.


Aquaman Omnibus

Aquaman? Does anyone give a shit about Aquaman? Agreed? OK, let’s stop the review here then.

This has to be Johns’ opening MO on this book. Take a character that has a fanbase sure, just about DC character has their fans, but then boost them up. Does he succeed? Yeah, he does.

For a 30-odd issue, 700-page plus collection this omnibus is a fast read. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not. You see the only reason that it is a fast read is Johns’ story reaches out, grabs hold of the reader and doesn’t stop until the last page. The flow from issue to issue, story arc to story arc, is flawless. Each builds on its predecessor and adds to the whole until the finale brings it all together to a strong conclusion. A few years back, DC was going to release an Omnibus about half the size of this one, then, much to my and others’ irritation, they axed it. Now it can be reckoned they decided to do it properly and give us the complete Johns run in one volume.

Ivan Reis has been one of DC’s top artists since Green Lantern. Like that book, there are some stunning images in this run. Perez-like? Yeah, he earns that accolade.

This is a hugely fun and very accomplished run. The volume itself is excellent quality and a steal at the price. Now, are we going to get Parker and Abnett volumes to accompany this too?


Great review Ben, I really loved that run on Aquaman from Johns, it’s nice to read your very complimentary words on it and I wholeheartedly agree.

Did you read the Parker run and if so, was it good?

I pretty much dropped off after Johns left.


Nope. Until they did the omnibus I hadn’t read Johns run at all either. Which is why it’d be neat to have that and the Abnett run Omnibused.


There is a lot going on with that costume.


Don Rosa’s The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck is finally being reprinted by Fantagraphics.

Two Hardcovers, the first half out in April:


Is this a good place to start out with the Disney Duck comics?


Dealer Alert

Thor:OHC3 - Aaron-Dauterman RRP $44.99, now at Amazon for £24.37:

I was certain they were applying a $50 RRP to this. Still, be a good preorder to bag, especially given current politics.


Is their an Arron thor Omnibus yet?


Not yet I don’t think
Although there definitely will be …


There’ll need to be a few of them. I think there’s close to 75 issues so far between the various runs - 25 in the first run, about 30 for the Female Thor run, plus Unworthy Thor and the new run.

Edit: There’s a TPB collecting the first 18 issues of the first run out in May: