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What’s the elevator pitch for Monstress?


Edited rom Wiki:

The series is set in a matriarchal world inspired by early 20th century Asia, and tells the story of Maika Halfwolf, a teenage girl who shares a mysterious psychic link with a powerful monster… The demon taking over her body and mind is both source of great power, but also great challenge to understand and control.


Sounds like I should like it but I think I need to have a look at a single issue first


Books Etc. have just put the Marvel Universe By Frank Miller Omnibus on for £35.07:

Some great stories in there.


The art’s superb, but it works best in trade form, even super trade form.


Although the first issue was around 60 pages long so is a good sampler


Descender volumes 1 - 6

The bad news is 6 was the final volume.
When volume 5 came out I read 1-5 back to back, re-reading 1-3 in the process.
So this Is my third time reading the first 3 volumes and this is most definitely a series that reads best in big chunks - despite some great cliffhangers at the end of some of the issues.

The thing is it is a quick read. Few reasons for that.

  1. Despite the temptation to stare at the art because it is so beautiful, the storytelling is so damn slick that your eyes can’t help but flow through the panels - it really does speed the reading process up, but it’s because you are completely absorbed. That is not to say that I didn’t spend time ogling the art. I did.
  2. It’s very cinematic. The writer lets the artist do his job. I’ll come back to that. Because of this there is less need for dialogue. There’s no time wasted reading balloons that offer nothing to the story. Lemire does brilliantly well to ensure all dialogue and narrative boxes either tell story or build characters
  3. It’s such a page turner that I couldn’t help but rattle through it. Very easy to get lost in this book and this world.

Jeff Lemire has produced some stunning work over the last 10 years or so, and this is definitely up there. What strikes me here though is that this could have been written and drawn by the same person. Lemire is so in tune with Dustin Nguyen and vice versa that it’s like a brubaker and phillips level of symbiotic relationship.
This is the one book written by Jeff Lemire that has been improved by him NOT doing the art as well.
Volume 6 caps this off perfectly. The whole thing from start to finish is so wonderfully paced and built up, the characters all given time over the journey, it really is one of the best comics of the last 10 years.

So the good news is that Ascender starts in a few months time.
I wouldn’t normally do this but I’m so anxious to see what happens next that I’m going to buy this as it’s coming out in floppies, then I’ll punt them and buy the trades.

Got to assume that someone is looking at the rights to make a couple of movies out of Descender and Ascender, under the right director they could be massive.


I liked, but didn’t love Vol 1. I didn’t read any further. Is the tone of the first volume representative of the series as a whole?


I would say so, yeah.

I think I’m between you and Chris, so to speaked - liked it more than you did, but didn’t love it quite as much as Chris.

I think you’d need a really big name director to make an original space movie with a big budget (like a Descender movie would need) these days. That market seems to be all wrapped up in the franchises like Star Wars or the Marvel movies, or Avatar. The last original space operas that were made - Jupiter Ascending, John Carter and Valerian - all flopped. So my guess is that this kind of movie is dead for the moment, at least until a big director or Tom Cruise gets interested in it. (And there’s no potential role for Tom Cruise in Descender, I think :thinking:)


He’s short enough to play Tim 21, isn’t he?


While that was a big risk for them, I think it really paid off - I thought others might do the same but it hasn’t happened.

This happens to be a good indicator of a series, you know it has to end but don’t want it to. I’m waiting for OHC2.


To be fair the model of creator owned makes that hard. Image demand 3 issues in the can before soliciting so you are asking for a writer and more importantly an artist to do 100 pages before expecting any money at all. If you have established income from whatever source it’s okay. Millar does it in his own way by stockpiling issues, Brubaker and Phillips could do an OGN but for new creators it is difficult to emulate and also eat. :smile:


Reborn - I picked this trade up a while back due to it being an oversized hardcover and brilliant work from @Mark_Millar and @GregCapullo. I haven’t read it since the original issues came out so this was a nice revisit. I still really loved the bombasticness of it all. I love the He-Man-like world of sword and sorcery meets technology. Tie in a little bit of philosophy of life and afterlife and you have a book that hits a lot of my sweet spots. I loved the story this time around too but wish there was more of it which is the thing I want from most Millarworld books. The oversized hardcover package is very nice too. So this comes highly recommend.


It is, but what I would say is that o was the same after the first volume. If fact, had this been by other creators, I don’t know if I would have kept reading it.
I think the longer it goes on and you become more attached to the characters and all the pieces fall in place, the better and more rewarding it gets. I’m sure at one stage I had volumes 2 and 3 sitting unread.


I finally got to wonder Woman earth one volume 1 last night and I have to say I thought it was absolutely fantastic.

I was totally riveted from start to finish by both the script and the amazing art from paquette

I think Morrison pulled off a blinder again, even the supporting cast are really well handled

I had planned on just making a start on it as I was reading last thing at night and I couldn’t put it down until it was finished

I’m not a big Wonder Woman fan but I have enjoyed one or two runs on the character - I felt this was perfect. Really engrossing on a number of levels.

It’s great to see that Morrison still has plenty in his locker.


I loved Volume 1 and have Volume 2 setting in my to-read pile.


After having it on my bookshelf for a couple of years now, I’m nearing the end of Morrison’s Super Gods. It has been a really interesting read; I cannot claim to have learnt much new about the comic book industry as a result, but it provides a whole new insight into how Grant himself thinks. Which makes his work more easily accessible, I think.


I liked Super Gods but it felt like every Morrison interview written into book form.


Wonder Woman: Earth One Volume Two is just as good, Chris. Definitely recommended.

Supergods is an interesting one - I found parts of it a little mean-spirited and quite self-serving, but parts of it were really interesting and insightful. I’m glad I read it but at the same time my opinion of Morrison was slightly lowered after reading it.


Ya, there was that part too.