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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I haven’t read any yet! But only a few are in the middle of runs (and LotDK is an anthology), so that’s good.


That’s not bad at all

I’ve read a few of those, which are all decent

You could do a Lost Boys rewatch and read Seeley’s sequel to it as a double bill


The Marvel version is slightly cheaper on AMP.

At that point though, you could probably get the OHC for around the same price.


SpeedyHen have redeemed themselves by sending off both my copy of the Aquaman Omnibus and X-Men Mutant Massacre Omnibus!


Do Booksetc multi ship books in the same package, or individually? I ordered a couple of things from them recently but only received the one dispatch notice and one book. Yet, on the site, both books are marked as shipped. But confused. Any prior experience with this on here?


When I have ordered multiple copies of the same book they have been shipped together. But when I’ve ordered two different books on the same day, they’ve been shipped separately.


It was two different books. So I should hopefully get another package at some point soonish then. Cool. Cheers, Dave.


How much for the massacre?


Just shy of £49 at Booksetc (that was the book I got this morning).


SpeedyHen’s price is £48.85 but I nabbed it with the extra 8% off so £44.94


They’ve never been great with multiple orders so best to always do one at a time on BooksEtc.


Sure enough…

Some great sale prices on there at the moment - the first trade of Immortal Hulk is £1.99 so I’ve snapped that up, along with the second Bendis Defenders trade for the same price.


Snagglepuss and Immortal Hulk are two favourites of mine from 2018, be interested to hear if you enjoyed hem when you get round to reading


I’ll hopefully get to them at some point over the Christmas holidays, will post something once I’ve given them a look.


’Twas the Deal before Xmas

Superman: Rebirth Deluxe OHC3 - BooksEtc - £14.87

EDIT: To my surprise my copy of Super Sons Omnibus arrived today. Looks a really nice volume and a total steal at £26. Also received X-Men: Mutant Massacre Omnibus, which slotted perfectly into the spot assigned - wasn’t sure if it’d fit, plus Aquaman Omnibus, again, another great volume from DC.


Pre-Xmas Reads

A Walk Through Hell: Volume 1

This lived up to its rep. If Jimmy’s Bastards is Ennis on fumes - and I maintain it is, it’s simply a fact that Ennis on fumes still produces a very entertaining story - this is Ennis getting back to business.

On the face of it I hadn’t ever contemplated a warehouse as a setting for a horror setting but once you see how effective it is here, it’s strange that it hasn’t already been done.

The only weakness is I’m not sure where it’s going, but then, I suppose Volume 2’s for.

Lady S: Volume 6: A Second of Eternity

If you know the series, you know what this is - another tale action tale of crime and espionage, all packed into a mere 48 pages. This collects the seventh album, of which there are 12 in total, so a few more to go. I’m still not sure how Van Hamme packs in as much as he does to the space he has, nor how Aymond manages to make the art all work across each dense, complex page. As usual, it’s excellent stuff.

Exit Stage Left: The Chronicle of Snagglepuss

Back to reputations and this is another volume that deserves its MW one. On the strength of this I’ve just gone and bought Prez and Flintstones: Volume 2, with the first to follow if it drops a little more in price.

I also have to agree that it has a real ‘how did this ever get published’ vibe. A story featuring a pink, talking lion set in 1950s America, with the lion being a suspected commie playwright and, even worse to the society at large of the time, gay.

Russell spins a dense, yet always brutally clear narrative of tragedy and loss. Of power-mad tormentors and their minions, of those who’s lives were blighted or destroyed by them and the necessity of opposing and defying them. It’s a quite brilliant little book and Russell’s certainly a name I’ll be watching out for - although, I might not have to, reviews of his latest will likely turn up in MW in one thread or another.


I told you it was great! :smile:

One thing with Russell is I think he may suffer a little from Peter Milligan syndrome, the more offbeat the concept the better his work is. I had high hopes for his Dredd tale but it was just okay. The iFanboy review guys loved the 3 books mentioned as much as I did but have not been great fans of his forays into more mainstream DC stuff so I haven’t bothered.


Hear hear!

I’m really glad you picked this up, and even more so that you enjoyed it.

It deserves some love.

Russell has a Red Sonja book and a Vertigo book both starting very soon. Normally I’d have absolutely zero interest in a Red Sonja book, but Prez, Flintstones and Snagglepuss have me alerted to anything he is doing.

Agree with Gar’s comments on Dredd though. Also thought his Superman short in Action 1000 was a bit meh.


Forbidden Planet dot con’s sale is up. A few bargains to be had. I’ve picked up this and a couple other things.

Notice they’ve got all the Hitman trades down in price too.


A problem I’ve had with all of the IDW Dredd books is that the stories the various writers have told in a handful of issues would have been told in a couple 6 page instalments in the Prog by Wagner, et al. I think that’s why the books have never poked their heads above the level of “OK”.