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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


There are 3 Infinity related Omnibuses yet none appear to contain Thanos Quest…what’s that about?


Thanos Quest was in the Infinity Gauntlet omni that came out a couple of years ago.


Not that many of them appeal to me, but the Ditko omnibus should be well worth a look. I haven’t read much of that stuff.

I’ll be picking up JMS Spidey too.


I’m the same might be tempted by the Ditko book. I wish someone would sort out a Mr A collection but it’ll probably never happen :cry:


I’m sure IDW announced a complete collection quite recently, but the project fell apart due to some kind of disagreement. A shame as I was looking forward to it.


Yeah heard the same. Shame. I had a fair bit until I lost everything but those were sore.


Turbo Jones collection. Ian Kennedy signed art print edition. Ltd to 100 copies.


Hey, Marvel are reprinting Incredible Hercules! And they’re actually including Amadeus’ debut from Amazing Fantasy this time.


I wish there was an omnibus, but it was a few years before they started doing them for pretty much every run of that length. I still have all the trades at least.


I’ve got the first OHC they did and I’m still tempted to replace a couple of my trades for the second (Sacred Invasion) but the fact that there wasn’t a third to round out the series killed my enthusiasm somewhat.

Marvel’s been doing loads of complete collections for 00s series lately, yet there’s an odd lack of X-Statix. That hasn’t been in print for ages, given its reputation you’d think it’d be front of the queue for a spangly new set of trades.


Yeah, I got the Omnibus when it came out, but that was 2011.


You think wrong - Marvel just don’t seem to care about that. I agree it’s weird and baffling but they’ve loads of great material out of print or ones that they started doing OHCs and stopped midway - Herc and Fraction’s Iron Man being two cases.

In other news, my copy of Black Hammer Library Edition 1 arrived and it’s a lovely book.

It’s also, given the info listed online, subject to a travesty of wrong info. Look around online and all you find is it collects trades one and two into one volume of 220 pages. It sounds light, but might be about right … Except it isn’t. Trades 1 and 2 come in at 152 pages each, no way does that get to 220, nope it’s far more. Instead what you get for about £25 online is an Absolute size hardback collecting 14 issues of content and, since one is an annual, it’s probably closer to 15 issues!

This changes the view of the volume, before it was a bit pricey but I was won over by the quality that DHC do on these editions. Now? Easily one of the best value buys of the month.


To be honest the comics are so good that it would be great value either way. :slight_smile:


Where is that £25 available for the Library Edition?


Speedy Hen, with the discount code:

Aw, the code is expired.


I got lucky with that code yesterday, knew it was going to go eventually. Easily one of SH’s best ever offers, they got loads of orders from me.

@BobbyS - alternatives are BooksEtc if they get copies but their prices have been higher recently. Even at the fuller price of £26.58 at SH, this one is worth the money.


Dr Strange OHC1-2

Collecting the entirety of Aaron’s 20-issue run, reading these together makes for a far better reading experience. It works well that there is a detailed follow-through on how the war with the Imperikul concluded and the way Aaron uses it makes for some fun stories.

None of it would work without Bachalo’s creative imagery - the plots are good, the little character details excellent, but only Bachalo could draw some of this stuff and make it work.

Guest artists are well utilised too, Fraser’s version of Thor, unlike some, does look like she can punch anyone through a wall! There’s some neat nods to Aaron’s Thor run too.

All in all, it’s proof that Marvel can, despite all of their self-inflicted wounds, still put out damn good comics.


How is Bachalo’s art for readability on this? He’s an artist I often struggle to follow the work of.


It was pretty excellent. But, I’m a huge fan, so probably not an unbiased observer.


I feel the same about Bachelo. I like his art but find his storytelling difficult to follow at times.