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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I call you Brother!


Great write-up. I read this today and just finished putting my thoughts in the New Comics thread. I felt very similar to you. There are some great stories in there, and all are thought-provoking and original.


The Sheriff of Babylon OHC

I remember reading the first trade of this and finding it a bit of mess. It was vague and inconclusive.

So why buy this then? Because looking at a couple of reviews convinced me to revisit it as a complete package of 12 issues. One of the key points made by those reviews - and indeed King’s intro here - is that this is not your usual story. There is little progression, harsh, horrible things happen to people and there is little in the way of justice delivered for them. In short, the reader is left floundering and uncertain in much the same way as the characters are.

And that’s the point!

Understand that and this books changes very much for the positive as a brutally frank assessment of the Iraq undertaking, but without delivering any absolute judgements. It’s far more ‘this is how it was? Morality? Judge for yourself’ than anything more than that. Every character is shades of grey, everyone is compromised in some way - there are no neat answers here for anyone. And that is valuable.

Having read all 12 issues am I certain of what to make of it? No. Is it a thought-provoking and worthwhile read? Absolutely.


I intend to give Absolute Wonder Woman as a Christmas gift, rather than keep it for myself. I’m perfectly happy with the six hardcovers that I have for that run.


I’ve picked up the Wonder Woman Absolute, as it’s a run that I always intended to give another shot (having only read the first arc and had mixed feelings about it). If I don’t like it again, I can always sell it on and probably get back what I paid for it at that price.


Tom King’s Mister Miracle 12-issue collection has gone up at Speedyhen.

£12.43 with the AUTUMN2018 code.


Damn that’s a good price.
Ridiculous to be honest as I paid about £4 per single issue resulting in £48 spent.

I’ll wait for a hardcover with extras and scripts.


Talking of which, for some last uses of that great offer, prices with the code applied:

Batman OHC3 - £16.16

Superman OHC3 - £16.16

BPRD Hell on Earth HC4 - £17.61

I’m on the fence for this one:

With code it’d go down to just under £45, but I’m not feeling the pull to buy:


Do Facebook posts embed on here?

Anyway, if it doesn’t Usagi Yojimbo Saga 8 is scheduled for May.


Yay! Thanks Martin, nice to know that’ll be out.

The only bad news is May 2019 is looking to be a very expensive month for trades!


I would if I didn’t have all the individual OHCs already.


My copy of Harrow County: Library Edition Volume 1 arrived today and it augurs very positively for upcoming Black Hammer: Library Edition Volume 1.

On the face of it a RRP of $39.99 / £35.99 sounds quite outrageous for an eight-issue or two four-issue trades. Even when got at an excellent online discount you’re looking at £20-21 for it. That is kind of hefty, except…

DHC have done their usual high quality work and gone to town on the product aspects. This is a much bigger book than you would expect - thick, glossy paper; bookmark; dustcover; load of extras - it is a damn nice volume and, once you have it, you can see and feel what you paid for and it’s absolutely worth the price.

Talking of hefty hardbacks, I nabbed the Faith Deluxe OHC1 for just under £25, using SH’s 8% off and, at that level, I was getting 9 new issues. For anyone buying it cold, it’s a far better value proposition and again, when you have it, you get a good, hefty hardback.


Amazon fishing

Has someone else already found this?

Oh and @markabnett, you might not be done with Cable omnibuses just yet:

When the villainous Upstarts target X-Force and the New Warriors, the teen teams must join forces to survive! Meanwhile, Cable forges an uneasy alliance with Magneto’s Acolytes when Omega Red strikes - but can he save Lee Forrester from D’Spayre and Belasco? X-Force faces both past and future when the Nimrod Sentinel is born and the Externals come calling…but why is former teammate Dani Moonstar serving with the MLF? And when the alien Phalanx kidnap the X-Men, can X-Force, X-Factor and Excalibur stop the spread of their techno-organic terror? Plus, Cable and Storm take on Apocalypse’s Dark Riders - but who is Genesis? Gruesome secrets about Feral’s family come to light! And Reignfire’s identity is revealed at last!

COLLECTING: X-FORCE (1991) 32-43, ANNUAL 3; CABLE (1993) 9-20; NEW WARRIORS (1990) 45-46; X-FACTOR (1986) 106; EXCALIBUR (1988) 82; WOLVERINE (1988) 85

That Eve of Destruction X-Omnibus now has contents listing too:

Magneto rules Genosha! And he’ll cross any line to forge it into the mutant utopia he craves - including taking on the Avengers! Meanwhile, Phoenix and Iceman are recruited into a time-hopping mission through the X-Men’s history - and Beast finally discovers a cure for the Legacy virus! But saving millions requires one fi nal sacrifice, and soon the team will mourn the loss of a beloved friend. Elsewhere, Cyclops has resurfaced, still conjoined with Apocalypse! Can Phoenix and Cable save his soul? And when Magneto finally decides to strike, can the X-Men - scattered by recent events - somehow scrape together an all-new team powerful enough to defeat their greatest foe?



Silver Surfer: Parable is one of my favorites. My wife found an original hardcover for me years ago before they started reprinting it.


Gah I am tempted to buy it and leave it wrapped on the shelf.


Definitely penciling in Fran of the Floods, Leopard from Lime Street, and Bella at the Bar.

Invasion 1984 is something I ought to know but can’t remember, but it’s Wagner & Grant so a good bet.

I’d need to know more about what’s in the Jordi Badía Romero book, “this sumptuous hardcover art book” suggests it’s going to be horrendously expensive, and the stories in Misty were mostly good but there were some clunkers, and “collects stories from the 1980s” doesn’t help me very much.


Just learned that Titan is putting out Dan Dare library editions.
And I loved their Flash Gordon collections…so that is a tempting proposition.


I saw one in my local comic shop the other day. They look like lovely, well put together volumes. There was a note in the front acknowledging there may be some quality issues due to the age of the source material that’s been scanned in but when I flicked through the book looked great.


Same thing with the Flash Gordon editions.
And there were admittedly some strips that had longer surviving coloring than others - but the restoration and scanning were immaculate.

I’ve read some of the older Dare strips and this Library edition series is really looking like a good way to just jump in.


I’ve got a couple of the slim hardcover collections they put out years ago, up in the loft and they were a lot of fun. I might put this on the amazon wish list for Xmas.