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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I think they update the first post in that thread to reflect what’s been released and announced. Wikipedia keeps a list too. I have an Amazon wishlist that I add them all to and try to keep in reading order, just so I don’t end up buying a volume three before a volume two that’s out.


Who cares about Marvel collections when this beauty is on the way!


So very DC.


It would have been more DC for them to solicit a hardcover and then it turn out to be a TPB.


No, no, do the HC then put out the TPB, with extra issues.


And one of the issues has a key page missing.

#6591 has another decent sale on at the moment - not a huge amount there that appealed to me but some great prices.

I picked up these bargains:


That second Wildcats 3.0 collection has eluded me for a while - it’s out-of-print and is £50+ in most places.


Dammit Dave!! Look what you made me do!



I got the two WildCATS 3.0 TPBs, and the Death HC.


The Trades thread strikes again.


I couldn’t even find the sale page (thankfully?).


When you’re browsing GNs, there’s a checkbox on the sidebar for “Sale.” It’s a silly system.


i went
Then clicked Comics and Graphic Novels

jebuz why don’t we just post the link


Ha! didn’t see this!
Nice work Paul


I haven’t bought anything from Zavvi since 2012, but I’m impressed by their shipping speed. I ordered The Flash by Manapul/Buccellato Omnibus on Tuesday, and it arrived this morning.


I’m planning on getting that omnibus soon.
Love that run to bits.


I read the first two TPBs, but then fell behind. I didn’t want to just get it digitally, because Manapul’s art has loads of double-page spreads and unconventional layouts that don’t work on a screen.


I just wish it also included the Forever Evil Rogues mini.
Because it has that Grodd one-shot that was the prologue to it


I think you might have sold me on this Flash omnibus - it’s one of those runs I’ve been meaning to check out over the years but never did, and I feel like something a bit new and different.

Plus, using the code WELCOME for new Zavvi accounts gets you an extra 10% off, and £22.49 is a pretty great price for a book that big.


Good couple of reads:

Like Steve Epting’s style of the last 10 years shows very little in common with his 90s work, Steve Skroce’s art has really developed from his days on the X-books way back when. These two are excellent examples of how it has become so much better:

We Stand on Guard OHC

Bought on the cheap for just over a tenner, this was a good read but it’s Skroce’s art and insanely crazy robot and tech designs that really make it work. Vaughan’s story is all-right but it ducks the follow-through at the end by trying to throw in some last minute ambiguity. That aspect simply doesn’t work after five issues where the US has been a total bastard to Canada for over a decade and the only good American is a dead one. To invoke an Expanse example, in this story, wherever an American looks, they think ‘mine’.

Maestros: Volume 1

So, Skroce’s art is way, way better, but what about writing? Writing? Yeah, this is Skroce’s writer-artist book and he pretty much pulls it off.

A seven-issue epic tale that flits between past and present, this also weaves in sly, bady humour and a subversive, intelligent slant on the genre staples of high fantasy. Pratchett may not have started it, but he certainly gave the idea a boost - if any race in fantasy is going to be a bunch of elitist tossers, it’ll be the Elves and so it proves. Skroce also delves into the results of unchecked, absolute power and it isn’t pretty, nor is anyone immune to it.

He does an awful lot in the seven issues collected here. The art is superb and overall the ambition is definitely realised. Like Monstress, it looks too good to be a monthly book and, like that, it isn’t. It could, if it had to, end here. But, as the trade bears the ‘Volume 1’ bit, I’m willing to wait for more.