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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


No, just the Jim Lee story, which is from Action Comics #1000 and is written by Bendis.

Did Lee do two stories for Action Comics #1000 maybe, and do another with Dini? I have read it but I forget all the teams now.

Edit: I got totally confused by the conversation. :smile:

I get it now, you’re saying the JLGL story in Action Comics #1000 was by Dini. I just looked it up and that’s right.


I fully expected DC to mess up the collections and not put in the #1000 story or the DC Nation one, so I was intending to get the whole run digitally. This seems like a promising start though. I might just pick that hardcover up.

My biggest concern for following the two series in trade will be about the reading order. Are they kept separate or do they always cross-over?


Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised to see both in there. They’re the only Bendis Superman stories I’ve read so far.


They’ve been kept separate to this point.


It could be, I never read any of that. Just picked up the final ‘Death of’ story which was all splash pages and fights. Very ‘Image era’ style over substance but happy to concede it isn’t representative of the run. Somehow and not deliberately I’ve barely read any books Jurgens has written or drawn.

Action just very much reminds me of those early Byrne issues and also just general 80s comics like X-Men and Teen Titans that were very much in that style of supporting cast and ongoing subplots over large theatrics.


Been a fun day today:

Kick-Ass: Volume 1: The New Girl

This was a smart and very fun reworking of the story for a new take that feels consistent with what has come before. Relocating to the west coast also makes the story work, as the stuff that went on in New York is sort of known of but not completely.

Making Patience an ex-army vet also quickly covers why and how she has the skills she does.

Romita’s art in this is quite, quite excellent too.

All in all, it’s a lot of fun - hopefully the successor creative teams can maintain the quality.

Wild’s End: Volume 3: Journey’s End

I was expecting this to be the final volume and it sort of is, but it could also continue if they want to. I wouldn’t be against further for this remains a brilliant, little book.

It’s also one of those books where the less you know the better. All I’ll say for now is that Laidlaw and Barker’s fates were very satisfying and totally deserved.

Moonshine: Volume 2: Misery Train

This is a book where you don’t know what the hell is going on but it doesn’t really matter due to the creative skills of the Azzarello-Risso team. On their own, I can take or leave each of them, but put them together and usually something special results. So it is here.

Monstress: Volume 3

You can’t read this volume without being hit by the quality of the book - Liu packs in as much as she can to each issue and Takeda somehow renders it all with stunning full colour visuals of amazing detail and animation. This will not ever be a monthly book, it cannot be a monthly book - not if it is to keep the art it has. Such art requires time and I’m very happy for Takeda to have it.

A good amount of development across multiple plot strands, threaded over multiple locations and characters memorable enough to bridge the gap of many months since I read the last volume.


While I had my worries about it beforehand, I’m finding Niles’ run to be a very in-keeping roller coaster ride to destruction.


I’ve really enjoyed Man of Steel, Action and Superman. Probably all of them equally.

I think I’m probably easier pleased than most on here when the craft is solid, and Bendis writes these like an old master.

Plenty of fun to be had if you are looking for solid Superman comics and not something of the level of All Star Superman, for example.


Meant to reply to this early but the Death of Superman story was a bit of an outlier during that era. They purposefully controlled the tension and action by controlling the number of panels per page with each issue of the series. The first had four panels per page; the second had three; the third had two; and the last issue, Superman #75, was all splash pages.

Even Funeral for a Friend and Reign of the Supermen returned to more of an A, B, C, D story format.


Zavvi Sale


Absolute Year One for £34.99 is decent.


Man Of Steel HC

This was an OK read. I like Bendis’ take on Superman - fairly no-nonsense but also very human, grounded and relatable - and some great artists worked on the issues collected here.

But at the same time, the story itself isn’t that compelling, and probably could have been told in half the time without losing anything. The new villain is a bit dull and generic (and is disposed with in quite an anticlimactic way), and the mystery of Lois’ whereabouts doesn’t turn out to be very interesting.

Having said that, there’s enough promise here to make me interested in picking up the next collection, particularly to see some of the Daily Planet threads teased here play out in full. This is a smart little hardcover that’s fairly decent value at just over a tenner (as well as the six issues of the miniseries, you get the short stories from Action Comics #1000 and DC Nation #0), so hopefully DC sticks with the format for Bendis’ run.


That’s pretty close to my evaluation. One of the big draws was the artists. Just getting to see some of those guys draw Superman again was worth the price of admission.


I said it before, but I really wish DC had just skipped Man Of Steel, and gone straight to the ongoings. Both are much, much better. Even where they pick up threads from the mini.


Shame they didn’t make it an OHC, or did they?


Nope, regular-sized HC.


Some Marvel fishing.

Are these an attempt at the evergreens people keep wanting?

Weirdworld is back?

Any idea what would be in this?

I thought this might be complete collection 3 renamed (like they did for Quasar and Spidey 2099 Classics) but it’s only 200 pages, so is presumably new material.

Another 90s X-Men omnibus


A bit late for Enter The Spiderverse, but still, this could be fun.

I had no idea Warren Ellis had done a Starjammers mini, but here you go.


This, I think, is a continuation of Classic under a new name, like Quasar and Spidey 2099 got.

Of course there’s no way of knowing how many of these will be printed by Quad, so I wouldn’t get too excited by them.


I hoped ‘Purgatory and Paradise’ would be the next Epic Collection of Nocenti’s DD run, but it looks like it’s just a load of stuff from towards the end of the original volume of Daredevil in the mid-#300s. Oh well.


Yeah, it’s volume 20, filling in the gap of the 90s stuff.


I generally try and keep up with the Epics with the dedicated thread at the MarvelMasterworks forum (which is where I found that info), but it’s not easy to keep up with what’s coming out and what each volume collects.

Hopefully they complete the Nocenti run soon anyway.