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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Invisible Republic is one of those great candidates for super tradewaiting because it’s excellent quality but a real slowburner.


So, you have a series and you release paperback trades - Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and in the future 6.

You also jump onto the popularity of oversized hardcovers and issue one combining Volumes 1-2.

Your series then hits a major wall, car crashes spectacularly, you start recovering, do one volume of a further 5 issues then a relaunch.

For the second OHC what do you do? Collect paperbacks Volume 4-5! Volume 3? Screw Volume 3 what does it matter?

Yep, Rat Queens. Now, it’s a fun little book, but it’s not one I’m that strongly attached to and screwing up the OHC order is just incredibly dumb, especially at the price these are now at - plus £20 generally. So, I’m now decided to bail, stuff that book. I’m not buying OHCs to get an incomplete series.

EDIT: Wiebe has added a further charge to his rap sheet. I found out what went on and why the OHCs jump a volume and from where. Bleeding Cool. Bleeding. Cool.


Rat Queens is a series where I read the first issue or two and thought “this is pretty good, I’ll look out for the OHC of that” And have subsequently been turned off by all the in-fighting and horror stories about pretty much everyone who’s worked on it. I just don’t want to support any of those people with my money.


Was there stuff beyond the artist being a domestic abuser?


A second artist was brought in as a replacement and then there was a whole brouhaha between her and the writer, which no-one came out of well.


This arrived today:

Looking forward to reading it, especially after hearing so many good things about Bendis’ Superman - so much so that I paid a bit more and waited for the HC instead of buying the digital issues when they were cheap.


Who lied to you?


It was OK and the art was pretty great but Bendis’ follow up on Action Comics has been much better.

Though reading Tom’s comment, maybe I liked it better than I remember. :wink:


I kid, I kid.

I don’t like his run proper, but the Man of Steel mini is…okayish.


Have you been reading Action Comics? I’ve actually really enjoyed it. Superman has been OK but not groundbreaking.


I gave Superman the ol’ three issue try, and AC just the first.
Wasn’t something I felt like getting back on. But I hear more or less that AC is the better of the two.

I skimmed the recent issue though and it seemed like Bendis is still doing that one gag I really disliked from his first Superman issue though.


Lol. I thought Man Of Steel was a bit fragmented, and lacked a raison d’etre other than emulating Byrne’s arrival back in the day. Action Comics has been alright, (it’s Bendis very much being Bendis). But, Superman rocks (I realise I’m probably in the minority on preferring that book of the two).


I will temper my expectations accordingly. :slight_smile:


If nothing else, it’s new Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez Superman art. That alone is worth the price of admission.

Edit: Wait. The JLG-L story must have been the one from Action Comics #1000.


I feel with Man of Steel and Bendis’ two books there’s a mixed narrative. Action Comics is very much a mid 80s Byrne style book with a lot of soap opera and subplots, Superman is like Death of Superman 90s era of massive fights and cosmic threats. Man of Steel is a blend of both.

I’ve found I only really like the 80s inspired stuff so dropped Superman and really enjoy Action.


How dare you?


Interesting. I feel like Action Comics is very much in line with a lot of the Jurgen’s era Superman with the story format and focus on supporting cast.


I haven’t opened the HC yet but I thought the Bendis story from AC#1000 had Jim Lee art?


I just saw his name on the cover. His story from Action Comics #1000 was written by Paul Dini. Did they include all of Action Comics #1000 in the collection? I’m not sure if JLG-L did any art on Man of Steel proper. I was just looking through the ComiXology issues and couldn’t find it.

Edit: Wait! I remember. It was the story from DC Nation #0.


Yep, just opened it and checked the indicia and it’s from DC Nation #0. I knew I had read it before but couldn’t remember where.