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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I finally got around to reading the first two collections of Lemire and Ormston’s Black Hammer, which is great. Really looking forward to reading Age of Doom.

I read the Sherlock Frankenstein spin-off too, which isn’t great or essential, but still enjoyable.


Yeah all the spin-offs are pretty non-essential but just quality reads (the characters get mentioned or turn up in flashback in Age of Doom but you don’t need to know the plots of the minis).

Be warned that editions of Doctor Star may be quite dusty and that can aggravate the eyes towards the end of the volume. :wink:


Been Amazon-fishing, items of note:

May 2019

  • James Bond Origin HC

June 2019

  • Saga OHC3
  • Die Volume 1
  • Hit-Girl Volume 4

July 2019

  • Prodigy
  • Cable & X-Force Omnibus - No details yet, suspect this could be the from Phalanx Covenant up to Onslaught material from both titles.

August 2019

  • Eclipse Volume 4

September 2019

  • I Hate Fairyland OHC2


Ooo, nice.


Highly recommend Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows, it would bring a tear to a glass eye.


Got a sealed copy of the second Herbie Popnecker hardcover volume that Dark Horse put out for very cheap on eBay.
The third and last volume is still more expensive than Midas. But still…neat!


I just finished the Usagi Yojimbo Legends collection. The concept of Space Usagi was initially quite interesting but the novelty of seeing the familiar cast in the sci-fi setting wore thin pretty quickly. It was never bad but I wasn’t exactly sad when the stories came to an end. I was worried Senso - which is HG Wells’ War of the Worlds in Usagi’s Edo Japan - would suffer the same fate but it was excellent. A much more successful melding of samauri and Sci fi.


Oblivion Song volume 1

Whilst I do think he’s a good writer, I do sometimes puzzle over Kirkman’s popularity in terms of sales and the career that he’s had.

He’s had some sizeable hits and none of them do anything that’s not been done before in terms of concept. He just does them in a creator owned environment. As a character creator, he’s pretty average as well, but as a character writer he’s great.
What he does do is write accessible genre comics, build living and breathing universes…and while I’m very rarely blown away I do find his stuff pretty solid; Outcast, The Walking Dead etc are all nice easy, enjoyable reads and they, along with Oblivion Song all have a common factor; great drama, and I guess that’s where Kirkman’s strength lies.

Oblivion song is his latest and it’s another post apocalyptic effort, which suits me just fine.
It takes what appears to be influences from Stranger Things and The Mist and just takes them a little bit further in terms of the parallel earth.
In a few words this is what would happen if there’s a transference event between a 30 mile radius on earth and that 30 mile radius on a parallel earth, one loaded with lots of creatures, fungus etc

I read the first issue when it came out and while it didn’t wow me it did do enough for me to decide to buy this first volume.

Second impressions while reading it are the same as the first in terms of the story - but not with the art, while not without ability in the sense of the drawings are nice, even if not really a style I go for, has very messy composition.
I find it really difficult to work out what is happening in the panels and have to stop to stare until I get it before I can move on, this of course is very disruptive to the flow of sequential story telling and is a major problem for me and will turn me straight off books because the art is not serving the story. In many sections it’s panel after panel of wondering what the fuck it is I’m looking it. Frustrating bordering on infuriating.
Style is winning over function in many cases here. I don’t recall having this issue first time round.

What doesn’t help are the colours - they are such a problem that it really compounds things. My eye is continually drawn to all the wrong places which is a flaw on both the artist and the colourist, the latter whose job it is also to steer the readers eye to the most relevant parts of the panel. Murky, with people, clothing and backgrounds all running into each other. Very little separation at all. Someone needs to give the colourist a colour wheel and explain some basics.
Really poor in places and I’m not exaggerating. even the back page we’ve got a character morphing into a car which is morphing into what looks like joints of meat but I’m going to assume it’s meant to be rocks.
Another problem with the art is I found it really hard to tell who was who, at somepoints I was getting characters mixed up at other points the character looked different in some panels from others. As a result this took a lot longer to read than it should have. It wasn’t until issue 3 or 4 I realised that Bridget and Heather were not the same person, wondering why heather was referring to Nathan as Duncan.
Bizarrely the art and colours do improve a bit as the book goes on, almost as if they are both learning on the job.

The story is good though and it’s engaging, once you overlook the art problems.


Hit-Girl in Canada

Oh Canada.

This is both a guilty pleasure and a huge amount of fun from an A+ class creative teaming of Lemire and Russo. Sounds excellent? It is.

If you don’t know what you’re getting here, there’s no reason for you to buy the book. If you do know, that’s all the reason you need.

I can’t see this one being beaten for quite some time.


“Okay” is the adjective I would use to describe Kirkman’s talent as a writer.


This could potentially go in the Digital Comics thread or the Old comics thread, but I read the first two volumes of Invisible Republic after seeing some praise for it here.

The first volume was really great, and I snapped up the second more recently during an Image Comixology sale, but found it a bit of a slog.

Very well drawn though.


£10.17 for Bendis’ Man Of Steel HC at Books Etc.:


I read the first volume of Invisible Republic not long ago and reviewed it in the Digital Comics thread. I didn’t really get on with it but that’s personal taste.



And it didn’t even have any Batdick!


Dick was actually featured quite prominently.


The second Herbie volume came in this morning. Only a few years after I got the first one.
And now my collection is 66% complete. The hunt for the third and final volume might take a while.
I have some slightly not-so-bank breaking ones watched right now…but I got the first two for a steal and might want to wait it out.

Still - lovely, sturdy, collections for one of the best comics I have ever read. And my favorite story of the series is in the last dang one. Out damn luck!


Alan Moore’s favourite comic at one time. Might still be!


Has anything released since then ever topped this?
Call Me Schlemiel is a classic!


They are wonderful.