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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


It’s finally here, now to find a space to read it in one sitting.


Enjoy! I’m sure you will.


I managed to get an about hour there to read it and it was fantastic. I don’t have the time right now to do it justice. Comments to follow later. It really resonated with me in a lot of ways. I feel like a lot of this book was very personal to its creators, probably Brubaker in particular.


I’m catching up on Paper Girls; have read volume 3 and ordered vol 4. I really like the way it mixes time travel and a female coming-of-age story. I think it fills a slot of genre young-adult book that comics don’t cover a lot. It’s light reading, but fun. I’m thinking I will maybe pass this along instead of keeping my trades clean and pristine, and add it to my personal classroom library.


I like where Paper Girls went, it looked initially liked a very nostalgia based Stranger Things type story but quickly goes off on a completely different tangent. I’m enjoying it monthly but it’s one I’d like to read back when it’s done as there’s some clever stuff going on I think with sending messages through time etc.


As someone who found Paper Girls vol 1 pretty bland, do you guys think it gets better from there and would be worth me giving a second chance? I usually enjoy BKV stuff, but the first tpb of Paper Girls really didn’t grab me at all.


I’m in the same boat - I bought the first five or six issues but then fell off. I did pick up the next few (up to around #11 or #12) in a Comixology sale way back, but haven’t read them yet. I mean to give it another shot at some point.


Darth Vader: Lord of the Sith OHC1

A more accurate title would be Darth Vader: Bastard .

For across the twelve issues of this collection that is what Vader is to almost everyone - and yes, he does try it on with the Emperor too, before getting slapped down. Man, woman, alien, droid - Vader is an equal opportunities bastard, who will indeed screw over anyone. You’re attending a class taught by Vader? You’re aware of the actual and quite literal fail rate? No? You will be, if you survive.

What makes it work is that Soule does not go for it being a walk in the park for Vader. He has some skilled adversaries in the case of Infil’a and Jocasta Nu, though the Inquisitorus is only skirted over - perhaps because of their role in Rebels .

Camuncoli is an artist who’s been around a while, knows the game with the big two but I can’t recall his art looking quite as good as it does here.

Sidious’ comment about not wishing to rule over an empire of the dead is telling, especially after the bleeding lightsaber revelation. If the Sith simply kill everyone, who will be left to suffer? Who will be left for them to dominate and torture? So configured, much of what Sidious does takes on a clear, albeit vile, logic. Anyone who imagines the Death Star would not have been used again after Yavin is a fool, of course it would have been used again, can’t have planetary populations getting relaxed now, can we?

If you’re expecting a tale where there is some hope, you’re out of luck. There is, maybe, a Diet Hope content to this collection, but it’s probably less than one per cent. No, this is a story of what happens when the Sith are on top and it’s not pretty. That less than one percent bit of hope is Luke, albeit an unrecognisable one - it’s one time where the art fails, finding the archives Nu hid. Though, at the same time, the way the Jedi are talked of in these stories also shows up what a bad move TFA made in killing the revived order off.

Overall? A fun read - so long as you come knowing what you’re going to get.


It was the same for me, but I decided to stick with it and really like it now. I think in part this is because it’s not very dense reading - an issue of this just zips past you. So having a lot of story to go through in one sitting is a good thing, and I can enjoy it more. There is also more of an actual plot that becomes clear in trade three or so, and the time-travel logic is getting more and more interesting.

So, not better as such, but it accumulates well, I guess is how I would put it?


Cool. I’ll add it to my watch list and make sure to pick up volume 2 and 3 together if I end up diving back in.



Good find Martin, wondering when this was coming out.


I guess the universe ending won’t stop them from doing the full run of OHCs (12, I think).
Meanwhile, still no sign of TF classics UK 6 or GI Joe Complete Collection 9. :frowning:


I’m sceptical they can do everything up to Unicron in that 12, say 12 OHCs for Phase 2 and then a smaller, 4-5 OHC set for Phase 3.


Dealer Alert

American Vampire Omnibus 1 - Books Etc - £40.28

I did a SH preorder for a pound more but that wasn’t what decided it. No, just about everytime I’ve bought a big, heavy omnibus edition from them, Books Etc have not held back on the packing - paper padding, parcel tape, it’s well packed - and that was what decided it.

I was on the fence on whether or not to get this, as the series remains unconcluded, which irks. Then I remembered how great those first five trades were - it had Albuquerque and Murpy on art, Snyder on top form but, more importantly, it had a very clear vision for its story - and it executed it. Regardless of how things went off the rails with the second cycle, this first arc, covering about 50 years, is absolutely superb and freestanding.


Yes. I got both the Morrison Batman Omnibus and the Seven Soldiers Omnibus from Book Etc. and they packed them very well, better than you tend to get from SpeedyHen.


What’s Books Etc’s policy on damage? I got a torn dust jacket on a recent OHC (bizarrely still in the shrink wrap, so it’s not their fault). Wondering if I’ll bother complaining or just let it slide.


Drop them a message via the inbox and see what happens, you might get a new, replacement copy.


I had it in my memory that the AUTUMN2018 at SpeedyHen was supposed to only last until the end of October. I’m not sure if I just mis-remembered it now though because I’ve just used it for the omni of Loeb and Sale’s Marvel colour minis.


End of November I think.

I’m tempted by that omni too, but I already have all the separate OHCs so I think I’ll leave it for now.