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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Orbiter is fantastic, well worth the read. And Ocean has really nice art.


I didn’t know the book was coming back - thanks for the tip.


Looking into it, it looks like another festive one-shot - I wonder why they didn’t wait and collect the three specials together as originally planned.

(Presumably because people like me will buy the book even when it only collects two of them! :slight_smile: )


Weren’t Ellis and Doran going to do another OGN after this? Did that ever come out?


They’re doing a webcomic called finality at the moment, it’s really good


Yes, I think it was called Stealth Tribes.

I’m not sure what the current status is, if it’s still being worked on or if it’s just another piece of Warren Ellis vaporware like Panic Nation, Morning Dragons, Night Radio, or his cavalcade of unfinished funnies (Fell, Doktor Sleepless, Desolation Jones, New Universal, Anna Mercury).

Considering its been fifteen or more years since it was announced, I wouldn’t be surprised if it never materializes. Much of Ellis’ work is attached to whatever zeitgeist he perceives at any given moment, so it might be an idea that is well past its expiration date.


Man, I hate that there’s some of his best work in these unfinished series. I really loved both Fell and Desolation Jones. Such fantastic art on both books, too.


Was Fell really unfinished? The format of a series of one-shots meant it could break off anytime, and I didn’t get the sense there was a bigger story playing out (other than regularly dropping a few vague hints about his past).

With Desolation Jones, at least we got that full arc with the great JHW3 art.


Mayby it’ll feel more like reading a finished work on revisiting it. Back then, it was just such a massive disappointment to wait for the next issue only to understand at some point that it wasn’t coming. But at the same time, I do feel like the series had only started to explore the character and his world, and that there was supposed to be so much more.


On a different note, I read Saga vol. 9 and man oh man.

This was going to happen sooner or later, and it did feel like it’d be rather soon, but Marko death still hit me completely unexpectedly. Almost made me cry, too. And by The Will’s hand, too, who we’ve been rooting for for such a long time. It’s all quite heartbreaking. And I love how Vaughan is doing this, treating every character like he really is the hero of their own story and not a wheel in the plot machine. Even the secret agent killer tentacle-face woman.


A script was completed for a tenth issue, and it sounds like it was planned to run to at least sixteen issues.

It’s too bad the 16 page/$1.99format never caught on (I think it was just Fell and Casanova — and that’s another sadly unfinished series); I quite liked the shorter, denser and punchier stories and the less expensive format. I do wonder if Image wouldn’t benefit from more of these. The flood of $3.99 books they put out every week seems like it would cannibalize sales at both the retailer and consumer levels.


Yeah, that was a great format and it showed how much story you can get into a short page count if it’s all kept tight.

I remember issue #8 of Fell feeling like it put a bit of a cap on things and made for a good ‘final’ issue. Then I think #9 felt like a return to the usual kind of thing.


Casanova still continues though, right? I bought the trade of volume 4, part 2 a few months back.


It’s always been pretty sporadic but the best way to do that is to split things into mini series as they did.

Fraction is pretty busy I think with the company they set up to sell comics properties to film and TV and has a deal with Universal TV.


Yeah, I looked it up and the last chapter (fourth of seven planned) came out last year. Seems like it’s been much longer.

Casanova is a tough title to keep track of, between the Latin titles, the changing formats, changing publishers, and reprints.

There is much to be said for series like The Walking Dead and Saga that maintain consistent numbering, trade formats, publishers, and even graphic design of the collections.


I lost track of Casanova for exactly that reason. The colour reprints and renumbering threw me off too.

Is it back at Image again now?


The latest issue (Casanova: Acedia #8) was released from Image March 2017, followed by a TPB that May.


Everything is, as far as I can see Icon died about 2 years ago. Marvel made a decision, not publicly, but by all their moves that they deem character now more important that creator.


That makes sense. I guess it mostly just existed for Bendis by the end.


This went live today:

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