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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I have no idea who that is so I just did a quick google search:


Huh, I think I’m a little better looking but I’ll take it.


“Super Sons Of Tomorrow” was a massive flop. It started great, I thought. That first issue where Bat-Drake takes out both Batman and Superman was pretty awesome. After that it quickly became an unreadable mess, with rushed artwork. Disappointing.

And, yes, that collection of Superman two parters was hugely disappointing too. It’s where the Rebirth title started going off the rails.


Dealer Alert

I’ve been looking forward to this blast from the past:

The 13th Floor - Books Etc - £9.31


Got the limited edition hardback yesterday☺


From DC’s January solicits (advance solicited for July 31st 2019)

Think I may get this…

As the 21st century dawns, the Authority meets a previously unchallenged class of villains—the power brokers who manipulate the world’s political figureheads to advance their own selfish interests. So when the Authority begins to seriously upset their hard-won networks of control, the backlash that results is as swift as it is devastating. This new hardcover includes THE AUTHORITY #1-29, PLANETARY/THE AUTHORITY: RULE THE WORLD, JENNY SPARKS: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE AUTHORITY #1-15, AUTHORITY ANNUAL 2000 #1, stories from WILDSTORM SUMMER SPECIAL #1, a story from WILDSTORM: A CELEBRATION OF 25 YEARS and bonus pages.
ON SALE 07.31.19 | $99.99 US | 8.25” x 12.5”
984 PAGES | FC | ISBN: 978-1-4012-9231-7


A good price for that massive volume. I think I might grab it too since I missed out on those the first time around.


There were ten issues I never got!


Also from the solicits.



Will this be 3 volumes in total then do you think? With the 3rd being the rest of the Batman and robin stuff and also batman incorporated?


Yep, looks like the third one will be all of Incorporated.

The only other Batman & Robin stuff by Morrison is the “Batman: The Return” one-shot - it was bundled with B&R in the Absolute but actually works better as a prologue to Incorporated, so presumably it will kick off volume three.


Solicits have reminded me I haven’t gone Amazon fishing in a while. Here are some highlights.

Conan joins the Epic Collection, with reprints of Dark Horse material.

This is a continuation of the Brand New Day Complete Collections, under a different name.


I assume this is an OHC of the current ongoing series.

movie synergy?


I’ve been hoping for a JMS Amazing Spider-Man omnibus for a while now. Hopefully that one collects the issues he did with JRjr and cuts off right before ‘Sins Past’.


I think it’s just going to be Sins Past repeated to fill an entire Omnibus.


With One More Day chucked in at the end.


Rarely has there been a run so impeccable, for it to fall apart so spectacularly so very quickly.

I adore the JMS/ JRJr run. I don’t care what anyone says about the spider totem stuff, because that run had heart, action, adventure, great characterisation, and a whole lot of beautiful art. It was clearly a work of passion for the creators involved.

“Sins Past” and everything that came afterwards was a fucking train wreck.

I have the old “Best of …” OHC’s that reprinted this run. Vol 4 of which wraps up the JR run, and then reprints “Sins Past” too. It is so difficult to even take that book down off the shelf to thumb through.


Yep. I don’t hold onto many single issues these days, but I still have the whole run of singles for the JMS/JRjr issues and I think it stands up as one of the great ASM runs. I’ll likely double-dip with this omnibus.


The run has a certain amount of sentimental value too - it got me back into buying monthly comics as an adult, with JMS/JRjr’s Spidey leading to Bendis/Maleev’s Daredevil, Millar & Hitch’s Ultimates, and beyond… A great era for comics.


Lol. I still have the singles. I bought the TPB’s. Then sold those to fund the purchase of those OHC’s too. If the Omnibus is the JR issues only, I may well quadruple dip it.


I don’t think I ever read beyond Sins Past because that was awful, but the early JMS/JRjr run has one of my favorite Spider-Man moments. I think it might have been in the very first arc. Peter has gotten the crap beaten out of him and he calls May (and maybe MJ) because he thinks he might not make it out of the fight. A really simple scene and short, but it always stood out.


That first arc is full of great moments like that. Morlun is a great, imposing villain, the Ezekiel stuff is all really strong, and the big cliffhanger (and subsequent conversation with May) is all really well done.