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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


On Midtown Comics’ website, they list tomorrow’s releases with thumbnails of the covers. For Image, these two images formed a funny juxtaposition that deserves to be shared:


Ya. Weird. :wink:


Nope. @DaveWallace was right. I was confusing 701 & 702 with the post-RIP two parter instead.


Yeah, it has the two-parter with the psychological torture during Final Crisis, but not the later two issues #701-702 that go back and fill in the gaps between RIP and Final Crisis (those that are in the Time and The Batman HC with #700).

So I think that now makes #700 the only issue to not be somehow collected somewhere in OHC format! That will presumably come with the second Morrison Batman omnibus.


This arrived today.

Looks like a quality book (albeit only a softcover) with a few pages of art extras at the back which is nice to see. Looking forward to getting stuck into the story, especially after that free taster issue a few weeks ago.


I’m only a couple of issues in and loving it so far. This feels like the best Batman book DC has put out in years.


Told ya :wink:


I forgot to mention I finished Providence a week or two. I had complained about the art in another thread but by the end, I still didn’t love it but I appreciated it a bit more. When I got to the end I went back and re-read a bunch of earlier issues, minus the journal entries. It’s quite a dense book, and I wish I had read it back when I was more familiar with Lovecraft as the easter eggs are pretty impressive. I actually had to take a week or two off comics when I was done, just to let it settle.

I think I need something a little lighter now. Looking at my unread trade pile and I’ve got:

The last couple Tynion Detective trades
The last couple Lazarus trades
Monstress Vol. 1
Low Vol. 1
Sherlock Frankenstein
Batman: White Knight
Diary of a Teenage Girl
Berlin Vol. 3

All My Heroes Are Junkies (coming in the mail this week)
Gideon Falls (coming in the mail this month)
Moonshine Vol. 2 (coming in the mail next month)
Doctor Star (coming in the mail next month)
A Walk Through Hell (coming in the mail next month)

Whew. I think I’m going to tackle some Batman as a post-Providence palate cleanser.


Detective Comics seems the only logical choice, out of those options. Although maybe Moonshine too. Vol 2 of that is a pretty wild ride. Definitely don’t read Gideon Falls or A Walk Through Hell then. Those tread very similar ground to Providence.


Looking at that list, we really shouldn’t call them funny books anymore.


Yeah, Gideon Falls is not really that similar in many ways but the eerie smalltown atmosphere really reminds me of Providence.


Hey even back in the 1950s they were dominated by horror and true crime material so ‘funny book’ has been out of date for nearly 70 years. :smile:


Cowboy, Ninja, Viking. Worth reading the collected editions?

I remember reading the first issue but never went back to it.


The fact that we willingly pay $3.99 for 20 pages of original material is kinda funny, dontcha think?

Not humorous; just…funny.


Finally got my hands on this today.

What a huge volume!

Packed with loads of content - a lot of these covers bring back memories of some fun stories (and there’s some stuff in there that’s new to me too).

Making my way through this is going to be fun.


That’s a fantastic ‘to-read’ list robert, lot of great stuff in there.


Dealer Alert

Two new series have now hit the trades:

Gideon Falls: Volume 1 - Books Etc - £6.19

Bonehead: Volume 1 - Books Etc - £6.19

Oh and my copy of All My Heroes Were Junkies HC arrived, looks a very nice book.

What’d improve it? Well, there is the idea that there could be an oversized edition, combined with the Volume 7 trade to form what’d be Criminal Deluxe Volume 3.

Death or Glory Volume 1 might be available too, but it’s by Remender who, at this point, has me trained to wait for the big OHC edition.


There’s a new Criminal series coming out in the not-too-distant future - I think it makes sense to wait for that and include it in a third volume.


But yeah, I mentioned it in the New Comics thread earlier but my copy arrived today too - it’s a very smart-looking book.


Speaking of Criminal OHCs, there’s still copies of the recent(ish) re-releases of the second of those and Incognito available, but I remember someone (here I think) saying they weren’t new editions from Image but old Icon copies that had been found and distributed. Is that (still) the case?