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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


That looks really smart Sean. Great collection.


Just placed an order for this but didn’t see the option to add the discount code. Emailed them to see if they can apply it at their end.


You can always just cancel and replace the order if it’s easier. The code goes in on the basket page.


For those interested in big Alex Ross art, Absolute Kingdom Come is £41.87 on SpeedyHen with the discount code:

Not on BooksEtc yet.


And unlikely to be until nearer the time, exactly when is hazy as is the level of discount - might take a few days to hit max level, but on a RRP £80 Books Etc would have to do a near 50% off to compete with SH on this one.

Difference is likely to be fractional, perhaps as much as £1.

Advantage SpeedyHen for me.


I went to a big book fair in a nearby shopping mall today. It’s a company that resells books that have been remaindered in the UK mostly but some in the US.

They had a decent sized graphic novel section but it was 90% Marvel and I already have a Marvel Unlimited subscription where I can read it all. I did pick up The Fifth Beatle which I’ve heard good stuff about for $4 and a hardcover of Mr Punch for about $8 instead of the RRP of $35.99.

I still don’t think Marvel have their trade policy right, a lot of junk there from the 90s and early 2000s that clearly hadn’t sold (they had a hundred copies of some piled up) and yet evergreen stuff still missing from their catalogue.


Marvel clears things out fairly regularly and offers huge discounts even to comic shops. It’s another thing that works against them ever promoting evergreen material.


Anyone read this when it was coming out? I’ve heard good things, but I’m just wondering if it’s self contained, or is it tying into some Marvel crossover every other issue?.


I only read the first 5 issues but those were good.

I’m gambling as it’s a combination of two creators whose previous work I’ve enjoyed.


Slott’s SS stuff is pretty self-contained and very accessible. I enjoyed it a lot.


It’s REALLY good. Slott and Allred together are greater than the sum of their parts. I felt they both brought out the best in each other.

It’s well worth the purchase at that price. I have it in trade and I’m selling them to pick up the omnibus, it’s a lot of fun - Slott’s dialogue crackles here more than it did on AMS…it’s back to the level it was at during his She Hulk run.

And as Dave says, it’s self contained, at least to my memory anyway.


This box of goodness arrived today…I actually forgot I ordered the Final Crisis omnibus, I was sure the price put me off at the time.

First issue of Damned as well, I’ve just checked eBay and it’s selling £50-60. I must admit I’m tempted not to open it and just flog it and read the dickless version when it comes out later.

Quite simply the size of the book is going to make it hard for me to store and keep it in good condition, especially as it’s not particularly stiff (pun kinda intended)


That looks like a great box of goodies.

I’m interested to know what reading order they’ve gone with for the Final Crisis Omnibus (that one has all the non-Morrison tie-ins as well as all the Morrison stuff from the Absolute, right?).

Yeah, I sold on Damned after reading it as I decided to wait for the trade, and it made enough to fund buying the Spider-Man vs Venom omnibus!

As much as I think it’s a shame that they’re expecting to censor future printings, the change is so minimal that it will barely affect the story.


I’m not sure of its actual dimensions but you might try magazine sized boards and boxes. I really like the old Marvel Graphic Novels series of books that are essentially magazine size and that’s what I use.


I’m just going to store mine on my bookshelf, packed in between my other Azzarello hardbacks and DK3 box set.


Unfortunately they have not included a contents page, which is annoying

Here’s the issues included though

They start with DC Universe 0


That looks pretty comprehensive.

Nice that they’ve included Morrison’s Batman #701-702 in there, the Absolute doesn’t have those.


Pretty sure the Absolute has all of the Morrison written chapters, including those Batman issues. Will check tonight.


This thing is beautiful


However… I’m missing a page I think