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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Hellstorm Ominbus

Took delivery of this today. I’m a bit puzzled about the price as it contains roughly the same amount of content as the recent Lemire Moon Knight HC but is more than twice the price. Nice extras in that it contains the unlettered Satana pages that were never published.

Wonder Woman Earth One volume 2

Had a quick glance and I’m guessing Yanick Pacquette is a Nick Cave fan.


Hilda and the Troll

After watching the Netflix series and enjoying it, @Lorcan_Nagle pointed me towards the comics. We tried the first volume tonight and really liked it.

The TV series is very true to the comics, but even having watched all of the show, the books still feel like their own thing and have plenty to offer. It’s whimsical without being twee, it’s fantastical while still feeling grounded in a tangible real world, and the art style is distinctive and beautiful in its own right, with a deceptive simplicity that’s part of its charm.

(More than anything, it reminded me of Jim Woodring’s Frank in the way it operates on its own logic and asks us to simply accept some very odd ideas - although it’s not as ‘silent’ as that book, and never gets quite as weird.)

It’s a kid-friendly adventure with a genuine sense of peril and danger, but is never so scary that it’s unsuitable for all ages. This is about as bad as it gets:

Plus, there are some really lovely cartoonist touches in there - a scene involving the sound of rain on a tent canvas is brought to life in a nicely understated fashion:

And there are moments when even just a simple facial expression or piece of body language is laugh-out-loud funny in its own right.

This is definitely recommended if you want a comic to share with kids - but even for adults, it’s a charming and well-crafted adventure.


Looking forward to this one. It’s kind of crept up on me.


A cynical observation would be that Marvel think Ellis sells more than Lemire.


I got a £30 copy of the recent Mark Waid Captain America omnibus this week, it was listed as new but damaged. It arrived yesterday and the only damage I can see is a miniscule ding to the top of the spine, which isn’t even visible with the dust jacket on. There did happen to be a big dirty mark on the plastic wrapping… but the sellers can’t have been so foolish not to realise it was on the outside and the omnibus itself was unaffected, can they?


Just read this. If you like Blacksad you should give it a go.


Sober Mark is proud of drunk Marks decision.

This is frocking awesome.
Soooo much going on. Sooooo much drama.
You could fit the entire run of x-men gold into the first 30 pages.
This is dense as hell and sure not everything’s resolved but it’s exactly what got me into X-Men in the first place.
Sooo much fun


That’s prime time X-Men to me. I love Matt Ryan’s inks over Andy Kubert. And, old school Cyclops and Phoenix were my favourite comic book couple (bar Lois & Clark). As much as I liked Morrison’s run, he f*cking ruined the X-Men for me personally.

I’m worried about the amount of dross in that book though. It seems like a pretty slapdash collection of random odds & ends. Dispassionately, does the collection hold up?


Yeah I believe so.
Basically it includes everything Scott and jean at the time. Plus Avengers blood ties crossover. Cable 6-9 the fathers and sons storyline which reveals cable as Scott and mad pryors true son.
X-Men annuals and X-Men unlimited. Wedding album and all the uncanny and x men of the time.
Capped of with adventures of cyclops and Phoenix. The next Omnibus after this would be phalanx covenant.

I’m pretty happy with it


I kind of like these themed omnibuses Marvel have been putting out lately. Given that the nostalgia factor plays a big part in buying them, I think it makes sense to theme them around particular characters or storylines rather than just straight runs of issues.

I just ordered the new Spider-Man vs Venom Omnibus a couple of days ago - I’m a fan of the character and it includes pretty much all his appearances from some of the early alien costume stuff through to the full origin in ASM #300 all the way through Maximum Carnage - a lot of which I’ve read and enjoyed before, and will appreciate having in a nice big collection to reread (even if I know deep down a lot of them aren’t great works of art).

It’s only doubling up on the Mcfarlane stuff that I already have in the Michelinie/McFarlane omni, and it’s a great way to get the Larsen Venom issues (and beyond) without having to buy full omnis of the entire runs, much of which I’m not interested in.


F*cking Hell, guys. I’ve just spent £113.


So? You didn’t have to.


Vikram confirming he’s written by James Roberts here


Dealer Alert

SH pre-order now active:

Silver Surfer Slott-Allred Omnibus - £34.33

The 8% off takes it within a sliver of Books Etc, if they repeat this pattern on future similarly RRP items:

Guardians of the Galaxy Duggan Omnibus - Books Etc - £33.37



Buy! Buy! Buy!

My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies HC - Books Etc - £9.31

With the news from Brubaker’s latest newsletter that 2019 will see him and Sean return to Criminal, it’s been a good day.

EDIT: Just spotted this at SH, with 8% extra off it goes down to quite the price:

American Vampire Omnibus - SpeedyHen - £41.87


They’ve got Wonder Woman Earth One v.2 on for £10.17 too:


I’m starting to suspect the Trades Thread is keeping Books Etc in business!

EDIT: Omitted to say earlier that I’m gambling on Duggan’s Guardians run due to the MW positive chatter about it.


It’s good. It’s not as good as his Deadpool run, but Dugan is very solid, imho. I feel like his Guardians run never quite got going, for some reason or another (ie blame Marvel editorial)


So for like 8 years(?) now I host a “guys Thanksgiving” (full-on Turkey done right) on the Saturday of the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (so tomorrow).
I’ll order the UFC fight, and expect to be in double digits of guests.

First year people will see my new bookcases.
This is right in the dining area, and can’t believe how quickly I’ve filled it (and want so much more, especially listening to all of you).
I’m sure it pales in comparison to some of you, but I’m happy I’ve gone down this road.
Here’s a few pics:


Looks fantastic Sean.