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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Dealer Alert

For @vikram and anyone who didn’t already get their copy of X-Men: Wedding of Cyclops and Phoenix OHC:

The price has dropped to £56.21!


They’ve just done the same for the Spider-Man vs Venom omnibus too.

(Although that one is still slightly cheaper at SH, and especially with the current 8% discount.)


Ok… I saw a huge hardcover of most of the Byrne/Claremont X-Men run covering the stories of the Imperial Guard debut, Star Jammers, Arcade, Mesmero, Magneto, Sauron, Proteus, Vindicator, etc. The hardcover was about $100 at Amazon.

Thing is I read them all before, know the stories inside and out, and realize that if I buy it the hardcover will only collect dust and it is a hundred bucks.

So I figure to pass on it, but if I am in the mood I will go in the back bins of comic stores and buy the Classic Xmen reprints for a buck each.


Sheeeeet. That’s another page of art gone. I need disciple


What’s the discount code this month?


How disciplined will you be in Kendal? :grin:


You mean for SpeedyHen? It’s still AUTUMN2018.

Talking of which, a trio of pre-orders went active yesterday:

Black Panther OHC2

Doctor Strange OHC2

Injection OHC1


I keep meaning to go through the read pile but I keep getting pulled back to No Man’s Sky, though now I can make millions very easily that pull might lessen a bit, still did read this last night:

Port of Earth Volume 2

Yes, it remains similar to Grey Area but for me there’s space enough for both stories. No, it’s not Grey Area’s equal, Abnett’s been at this a lot longer than Kaplan and it shows. Nonetheless, I’m enjoying Kaplan’s work here and on Eclipse.

This continues the story and what intrigues me across the four issues is what is avoided all the way until the last page, the question of exactly how much actual choice humanity has in any of this or actual power to influence the outcome. The answer not given, skirted around and avoided as much as possible is ‘fuck all’. What happens when that power imbalance becomes more overt than it already is? Kaplan’s smart enough to know there is no easy answer to this which is why the exploration works.

Mutti’s art isn’t stellar but it does the job.


Code AUTUMN201 doesn’t work on it


And now I see the error


Nope still doesn’t work


AUTUMN2018 is still working on Speedyhen for me.


Yeah I’m an idiot. Clicked your link to books etc!!
I’m a bell end!!


Buuuut out of stock


Rule #4 of buying from SpeedyHen - don’t believe their website when it says out of stock.

But… Why go to SpeedyHen when BooksEtc are offering it for £56.21?


Got it. Sound drunk purchase


Dammit. Sober mark regrets this.
That’s another couple of coloured pages down the toilet.


This is like one of those “tell a short story in ten words” competitions.


Comment of the week right there Dave.


Recent reads:

Postal Volume 7

After the weakness of the penultimate volume, this was a return to form and a strong conclusion to the series. (How well it actually works may have to wait for a series reread.)

Stairway Volume 1

This needs a volume 2. As it is, I have a lot of confidence that that will greatly improve this opening. There’s nothing here that is bad, but neither is it great. The ‘everyone is their own hero’ is now pretty standard and Hawkins doesn’t do that much different with it. In the end, I’m left with having confidence in the continuation based on past track record of other works, anyone coming to this cold is unlikely to be impressed.

Astro City: Volume 16 HC: Broken Melody

Wow. This was a superb volume. It also sets things up for the final run of pre-OGN issues by resolving quite a few long-running plots, all the while never deviating from its MO of telling stories from different perspectives.

The other superb success in this collection is Astro City’s 100th issue. Covering 1936 to 1947, it shows a changing world, the impact of war and technology, whether humanity is up to challenge of wielding technological power that exceeds all they had before while mixing in comments on the pulp genre, including stories of galactic derring-do. And it absolutely works.