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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Probably the SpeedyHen with 8% off, it should take it down to around, oh I don’t know, £62.50?

Just checked BooksEtc they are still higher at £68, SH is a little lower and 8% on a big book slashes a good chunk off.


This arrived:

Another nice hardcover to go next to the recent Vision collection. Marvel have had some nice short runs in OHC lately.

Waid/Samnee Black Widow next please!


Better hope there’s some surprises in the next few month solicits as they’re surprisingly low for OHCs from Jan-April 2019.


I mean is there much left?


Of what? The 90s X-run up to Onslaught? Not really, not now.

If you mean more modern stuff, the Aaron-Dauterman Thor run isn’t all in OHC. Waid-Samnee Black Widow ought to be, but that’s about it for me.


Have they put Soule’s Daredevil run out in OHC yet? Not totally convinced that the art deserves it but he’s put out a long and pretty decent run, and DD usually does pretty well in the bigger formats.


No sign of it from what I can tell.


If the world were a just place Marvel would be getting Kelly Thompson’s Hawkeye run, David Walker and Sanford Greene’s Power Man & Iron Fist/Luke Cage runs, and Saladin Ahmed and Frazer Irving’s Black Bolt into OHC. However the world is not a just place.


All great series. All canceled due to lack of sales/interest. :frowning:


Got my comp copies today of my next book written by Ed Brubaker, with colours by my son Jacob. My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies is an OGN out October 10th


Awesome! Those colors look fantastic too. How cool that you got to work with your son on this.


Is the coloring painted?


Looks great. I’ve been looking forward to this.

Love the new colouring approach.


It’s Photoshop…


Wow. That’s impressive. I really thought it was paint. Beautiful.


Can’t wait for this, my most eagerly awaited book at the moment.

I’m gutted my Previews pre- order won’t arrive until start of November.

The colours look amazing, you must be very proud.


Sean, I hope you drew a few Bat-willies in the book. Because apparently doing that will guarantee extra sales. :slight_smile:


I knew there was something I’d forgotten!




That looks excellent.