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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Either of these worth a punt. I’m not a massive Bermejo fan but the art in the Iron Man books looks great.


Luthor (previously called Lex Luthor: Man of Steel) is well worth a read.


I just saw that this can be bought for just over £18 from Wordery via ebay, with today’s PERKS 10%-off code. So I’ve gone for it - thanks Ben.


I really liked Luthor. It’s written from Lex’s point of view.


Luthor was solid. It fit Azzerello’s view of Superman better than his other work on the character.


Dealer Alert

Those who have it, stick with the Amazon order on the Super Sons Omnibus, SH just went up to £34.90 on an inactive pre-order.

This one went active today for use with the code:

Faith OHC - £24.78 (with 8% off extra code)

Yeah, it still irks that I’m practically paying for only 8-10 issues due to the double OHC-ing of the first arc, but I do still think Valiant deserve support.

Ordered this a couple of days back:

KIck-Ass: The New Girl: Volume 1 - £9.31 - Books Etc


This arrived today. I’ve read through roughly 100 pages this evening. Id forgotten how beautiful and meloncholy the whole thing is. I’m really looking forward to get onto the two thirds I haven’t read.


That is a really smart looking book.


I reread The Sixth Gun OHC 1 this week. I got it back when it came out, for a stupidly low price thanks to an Amazon error. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it then and have held off revisiting it til now.

I’m still not really sure what I think of it. On paper (well, I guess it is on paper. In theory then) it should be right up my alley: it’s a Western with supernatural themes, big monsters, magic guns, a diverse cast and a fair few ideas and yet… the whole thing leaves me cold.

I like Brian Hurtt’s art however even in his big action sequences, nothing makes me go “wow” particularly. The story feels, in some ways, like it’s come in too late to the events of the plot. I don’t particularly care for any of the characters (maybe Becky) and I found myself just turning pages out of routine rather than because I was desperate to know what’s going to happen. And I just can’t quite put my finger on what doesn’t work. The dialogue’s a bit flat, I guess, but that’s not it, not entirely anyway.

It’s oddly frustrating, I really feel I should love The Sixth Gun and yet I can’t muster much of any feeling for it.


This is how Bunn’s work reads to me.
Caveat that by the fact that I’ve not read The Sixth Gun.


My experience is the opposite of Martin’s - I really like what the Bunn-Hurtt team come up with and don’t read anything else by them, though I’ll be exploring Harrow County in a couple of months.


I’ve been making my way through the three trades out there of Jeff Lemire’s “Royal City”, his Image book about family, death, growing up in a small town, and a dozen other things. It’s beautiful work, pretty close to what he did with the Essex County Trilogy that originally put him on the map for me. He both writes and draws the series.


How the hell does Lemire keep up such an output? Descender, Blackhammer, DC stuff, Royal City, some graphic novel or other every few month, it seems… and not just writing, but often also drawing. Is there any explanation beyond keeping an army of his clones in a cellar or Hermione’s time travel thingy?


You forgot his Valiant work, too! It’s a mystery.


…and he’s writing The Sentry for Marvel and Christian forgot Gideon Falls! I mentioned the other day that right now it’s remarkable he’s so prolific and pretty much all the books are really good so the quality’s maintained.

@Christian I don’t know if you know Royal City is finished with issue 14. Lemire wrote in the back of the comic that he originally intended it to be his ongoing ‘slice of life’ comic but as he got to certain point in the story he felt it had to end, sales were enough for him to continue so it was just an artistic choice.


Didn’t realise that, as the third trade is coming out next month. Good to know that going in. Yeah, it does seem like a story that needs an ending. At the same time, it’s a shame it’s ending.


Not only does he keep up the output but the quality is so high as well. I’m struggling to think of another writer who has managed to write so many good books at the same time, not to mention drawing one.

It’s really impressive


Seven Soldiers Omnibus

I finally finished this over the weekend. It was a great read - having previously read through the series in the four TPBs (with a bit of a gap between each) and the two HCs (with a small gap between), I found it really helpful to read through the whole thing in such quick succession.

I still feel like it’s a slightly imperfect event as a whole (mainly in the way it concludes, which doesn’t quite deliver on all the build-up), but I found myself really enjoying all the individual minis a lot more this time around, and the way that they really get stuck into the psychology of the seven heroes and explore some common themes throughout all seven different titles. It’s also a lot easier to spot all the story connections when you read it all in a short period - seeing how all the subplots play out (across multiple different miniseries) made me appreciate the ambition and the careful planning that obviously went into the book.

And the art is just great throughout - even in the weaker spots (like the fill-in for Mister Miracle) it does its job well, but the high points are very high indeed. I particularly love the two bookend issues by JHW3: his imitation in the final issue of the art styles of the various minis is amazing. And Bianchi, Sook, Stewart, Paquette, Irving and Mahnke are fantastic in their minis too. The omnibus shows it all off brilliantly.

That CBR link that I posted earlier was really helpful too - I read the entries along with my readthrough and it helped to follow some of the subtler threads and themes, as well as to point out a couple of things that I had missed.

I’d love to see Morrison do a big experimental project on this scale again.


I just finished the Berlin omnibus. There was one moment, right at the end, where you turn the page onto a double splash, that actually made me audibly gasp. The ending was bleak in places (because, well, you know where Germany is heading at the time) but never overly so and while I wouldn’t go as to say there are happy endings I felt the ending wasn’t without hope. I look forward to revisiting this again in the future.


Following this up with more second world war inspired comics, though this time something in a lighter vein.


Okay found this for a song

Earth x alpha Omnibus £67.93

Amazon is over £100
Any other leads?

Shit even WHSmith has it for £67.92???