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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Yeah, it has a rundown issue by issue of the entire series, plus the one-shots and other supplementary material. A lot of the material and explanations in the book come from lengthy interviews between the authors and Grant Morrison.

The same publishers did books for Miracleman and LoEG

Oh, I should point out there are two editions of the book - the first was by Mad Yak publishing, the second by Disinfo. The second has a Frank Quitely cover, but the interior contents are identical


There is another one called Our Sentence Is Up as well, I always confuse the two.


X-O Manowar: Soldier

After an undisclosed amount of time, Aric of Dacia is no longer on Earth, living on an alien world, as a simple farmer, sharing his farm and his bed with a local woman. There is no sign of the Manowar armour. And then he gets drafted into a war and given a series of suicide missions, which he takes to with customary aplomb.

It’s a bit of a pat description, but there’s not a huge amount of depth to this volume, which reintroduces Aric, sets up his new status quo, and goes about demolishing it. It’s old school science-fantasy action, like John Carter, Carson of Venus, or Flash Gordon, but reinvented by way of some excessively violent 2000AD beat 'em up. And it’s pots of fun.

Matt Kindt is a veteran storyteller in the Valiant universe at this point and even though Aric is the only pre-existing character in here, it feels right at home as a Valiant story. And Tomás Giorello’s art is spectacular, it fits perfectly in alongside valiant veterans like Dougie Braithwaite. If you liked Braithwaite’s work in books like Unity, you’ll love this.

But, and this is a big one, this trade (or at least the digital edition) is shockingly low on content. There’s about 90 pages of story - the first three issues of the new X-O series plus the FCBD preview, and then about 40 pages of backmatter which is mostly or all reprinted from the extended pre-order versions of the individual comics.

Kindt says in an interview in the book that the plan for the first year is four 3-issue arcs as Aric rises to power in this new world, but to present each arc as a separate trade feels a bit too much for me. I’d have far preferred a six-issue (or six and a bit, including the FCBS special) collection with far fewer sketches and breakdowns in the back.


I picked that one up in a Valiant ComiXology sale and was relieved that I didn’t pay full price. There wasn’t a lot to it. I would have been inclined to read more but it just seemed like they were milking it.


Yeah, I got it in the most recent Humble Bundle. Really want to read more, but I’ll wait for a digital deluxe version or a new bundle


I really liked Kindt’s pitch too. Even the three issues felt more like a first issue of a new series not an opening story arc.


Valiant’s paperbacks have always been too issue-light to me but their OHCs go the other way!


Dealer Alert

Monstress Volume 3 - Books Etc - £9.31

There’s also the third The Fix trade, but I’m wary of Spencer’s work now, was #12 the conclusion or is it up in the air?


Thanks Lorcan


Just saw this on the FP uk website:

I wondered why I hadn’t had the usual pre-order e-mails for a couple of weeks.

A shame as they’ve always provided a good service, and usually at fairly competitive prices.

As a small consolation, maybe we’ll see some bargains in the last week of trading as they clear out stock. And hopefully they’ll continue to provide a decent service for the pre-orders already in place (I have a few books due, running up to the end of the year).


I’ve come over all warm and fuzzy :hugs:


He means from the late 90s and early 2000s




Of my friends who have had children, the oldest is 19. They’re entering their second year of college and was born after Kurt Cobain died.


When I said I was reading older classic stuff I actually meant I was catching up with the last few months of Deadpool books.


My friend’s son is 19 and has a poster of Kurt Cobain on his bedroom wall, which struck me as weird. It’s the modern equivalent of me having a poster of George Formby (died 1961) on my wall when I was a student :confused:

(Sorry, completely off topic.)


If you ignore all cultural context, sure.


Well yes, Formby was just the first name I thought of as an example of an international star who died four years before I was born. I realise that Cobain wasn’t in the same league in terms of longevity, commercial success, diversity of talent, or universal appeal.


Yeah, Cobain has proven to be far more popular.


Ok, I’ve already stated the facts and this is the wrong place to debate this so I’ll just let your opinion be the last word on it.