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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I think you’re right, yeah. Four blockbuster movies will do that, I guess.


Yeah, they usually tie these omnis to movie releases, so I expect a fourth Amazing Spidey volume later next year.

We may have to wait a while for a fourth FF. :slight_smile:


For Marvel, but I currently have the first five volumes of both Batman and Superman, with #6 of both on the way I think.


Yes, sorry, I meant for Marvel.

DC are really churning those GA omnis out quick.


I got my copy of Invincible Compendium Vol. 3. It’s been five years since Vol. 2 though, so I might re-read the first two books.

Also, for anyone who read the series, are any of the spin-offs essential? None of them are included in the Compendiums.


They’re more rounding out than anything else, but no. A few only have the most minor of links.
Unless you mean somethings like the Marvel crossover or The Atom Eve mini. Those would be at a higher tier.


So I’ve had all week off. Won’t get all my reading and watching done, but I did set-up my new wall (who needs a dining room anyways?) and putting all the HC’s out, etc.

What I have gotten around to reading was Universal War One.
Wow! Thank you for the recommendation Ronnie.

This tells a story, a complete story. From what you know going in, things happen fast, and it keeps moving. The reader is kept on their toes and not wanting to put the book down (although I did myself a favor by doing this over two days and appreciate it more).

Yes I’m being vague, but if the description is in your wheelhouse, this is definitely for you.
Wonderful to find something that flies under the radar like this.
If we didn’t have The Expanse I would be all over getting this on TV (still would be nice, if done right).

You have accounted for some sales. Mine, friend DaveJ has ordered, brother JeffR will order (or get it X-mas), and friend SeanT will get it X-mas.
4 books from one post. Well done sir!

Of course I would be down for Universal War Two whenever it’s finished.
But I assume it would be a different story. This has a complete feel to it.
No one should be put off assuming you need to buy more.


Took the plunge on this (as my Abebooks 10%-off voucher is only good for August and it let me get it for just under twenty quid).

It’s a huge volume, bigger than most deluxe editions, more like Absolute size.

Murphy and Hollingsworth’s art is going to look wonderful in these dimensions.


Dealer Alert

Buy, buy, buy!

Kill Or Be Killed Volume 4 - Books Etc - £9.31

SHIELD: The Human Machine OHC - Books Etc - £14.39


Wonder Woman: Rebirth, the Deluxe Edition - Book One HC

I had been looking forward to this for a while, and went into the book preparing to love it: I think Rucka is one of the most reliably solid writers in comics, and after Black Magick I’m in love with Nicola Scott’s art (and the work I’d seen from Liam Sharp looked good too).

But the truth is I only kinda liked it. After starting it some weeks ago it sat on my bedside table and only got looked at intermittently, before I made a concerted effort to finish it off last night. It’s not bad, just… inessential somehow, with both the present-day and flashback stories failing to offer something really compelling to keep me coming back for more.

That’s maybe because the book presents the two arcs as originally published: interspersed, with every other issue by Sharp and Scott. This breaks up the flow of both stories and keeps you flitting from one to the other, with a bit of confusion caused by some of the same supporting cast showing up in both stories - and there isn’t a huge amount of interplay between the two different arcs to make up for it, which might have helped the two stories to sit more comfortably together.

(I understand that the TPBs collected the two separate arcs individually, and on balance it feels like that’s probably the best way to read them.)

Another drawback is that the story has its roots in some fairly messy continuity that I’m not entirely au fait with, and while it can be interesting to see writers try and solve these kinds of issues in-story and reconcile conflicting ideas, there wasn’t enough of an explanation of all the past clashes to make either the setup or the solution really meaningful for me.

It seems a bit odd to kick off a ‘Rebirth’ story so preoccupied with the past, but I remember having similar issues with Superman’s earliest Rebirth issues, so I guess this is at least partly down to editorial direction.

OK, so, complaints out of the way: what’s good about this book? Well, firstly, the art. Nicola Scott’s art for the flashback/origin arc is just beautiful, offering up a take on Wonder Woman that feels feminine and powerful without being distractingly sexualised or artificially posed.

There’s a real playful, innocent quality to the character that matches Rucka’s characterisation perfectly.

(Out of that entire montage, my favourite part is that bottom-right image of WW playing with the lizard.)

Scott’s art is a major asset to the book, and this HC features some nice images of her uncoloured pen-and-ink art too.

Sharp’s art for the present-day arc is nice too, although it’s very dark and dingy compared to Scott’s story. I think this is partly intentional, to reflect the tone and emotional state of the character at the two different times in her life - but the darkness goes further than that and makes the art a bit illegible in places.

I wonder if it’s because Sharp is a fairly ink-heavy artist, who uses large areas of solid black. Combined with the earthy brown tones that feature a lot in his arc, it makes it feel a bit sludgy in places.

His original art looks beautiful though. I’d pay for a version of this book with black-and-white pages from both artists.

As well as the art, Rucka’s writing features lots of his usual strengths, with strong characterisation, some smart plotting and what feels like a solid understanding of the character (unsurprisingly given his experience). It just doesn’t ever quite move from good to great, for me.

At this point I’m not sure that I’ll continue with the second hardcover, especially given the absence of Scott. Rucka’s story is very readable but not particularly compelling, and it doesn’t all come together into the kind of defining Wonder Woman run I had hoped it might be.

Looks great though.


I’ll wait for both SHIELD series to be collected together


Yeah I’m a huge Rucka fan and Lazarus is my favourite comic currently being released but this Wonder Woman run, considering it was the story he and Scott ‘had to tell’ was rather underwhelming. I actually preferred James Robinson’s run that follows it (after some fill ins).


I loved Rucka’s original Wonder Woman run (pre- Infinite Crisis). That was incredibly strong, and is highly recommended if you haven’t read it. The Rebirth run was tepid in comparison. I adored Sharp and Martin’s artwork on their chapters, and the progression of the Steve Trevor relationship. But, everything else was pretty ho hum to me.

Great review though, Dave!


You might be waiting a while.


I’ve waited this long for the series to finish I can wait another 8 years!


If anyone is interested in a hardcover set of Charley’s War, Forbidden Planet in Newcastle has six volumes of it at £4.99 each, and in their 3-for-2 offer. I don’t know if every branch will have the same stock in their sale, though.


Sadly, that’s only (slightly more than) half the hardback collection. There were 10 volumes in total.


The recent Rebellion reissues are the best presentation there’s been of Charley’s War.


Yeah they are excellent, I’ve ended up rebuying it.


Shit. I have all 10 of the hardback volumes but only ever read the first 2. I feel like i need to rectify that asap!