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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


It’s the two halves of the Avengers logo on the spines that I feel most sorry for.


Original Sin should be part of the Thor Aaron super-epic, not Hickman.

Axis? Well, it’s supposed to be the end of the Remender super-epic.


Oh, I’m chronological. That’s why Rise of Apocalypse mini from 97 is at the start.

I even thought about inserting the ultimate universe amongst the 616 just to line up the end of the ultimate universe in secret wars but I’m not a complete monster.


Going through the new printing of Absolute Authority volume two, I’m surprised by how extensively they’ve restored the original script and art in places.

For those unaware, this article gives a rundown of the editorial changes made to the original run:

Aside from the black-and-white reprint of the first single Millar/Quietly issue in the recent Wildstorm 25 Years Celebration book, I think this might be the first time a lot of the unedited material has been officially published.

So you get real locations!

Full-colour head explosions!

Destroyed faces!

Football with heads!


Racist insults and necrophilia!

Psychological abuse!

More exploding heads!

In fact, I think the only thing from that article that hasn’t been restored is President Bush.

I don’t actually think this stuff makes a massive amount of difference to the overall story, but it’s nice to (finally) have it as originally intended.


Did they re-remove Grunge’s shorts when Swift takes him to bed, and change Angie back to giving the Bulk one finger instead of two?


Angie gives one finger.

I’d have to go back and check on that other one.


I didn’t realise that they were going to do an unedited printing. That’s really tempting now. Although I still have my first edition. Which is probably worthless now. Thanks for nothing, DC.



Never read a Tarzan strip but at £2.99 thought it was worth a punt.


Final order cutoff for MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUNKIES is Monday. Ask your retailer to order it for you before then!!



Batman: Eternal Vol 2 reprints #22-34 of the weekly epic. This chunk of the story is dedicated to Hush, and suffers as a result; Tommy Elliot being one of the most boring and petulant villains in Batman’s rogue gallery. That being said, the stakes keep getting raised higher and higher as the story progresses. Chapters just fly by, one after the other, as I can’t wait to find out what happens next. It’s a credit to the writing team that they have managed to keep so many balls in the air, and hand off from one to another without missing a beat. Quite an achievement.

The artwork, unfortunately, continues to feel a little disjointed. With so many different artists working on the book, there is no real consistency across issues. However, individually there are some fine contributions from the likes of Jason Fabok, Fernando Pasarin, Scalped’s R.M. Geura, and Alvaro Martinez.

I look forward to starting on Vol 3 soon, and seeing how all of this wraps up.


Well, SpeedyHen have just despatched my copy of The Complete Killer.

A translated 12-album eurocomics epic in one 768-page volume for just over £20!

It’s similar to how they did The Complete Okko, a big 550-odd page tome for the same price.


Books etc are currently doing the second Knightfall Omnibus for £40 plus change. I don’t even like “Knightquest”, but at that price I had to pick it up to complete the trilogy (printing error be damned!).

They also have the second Batman by Doug Moench & Kelley Jones volume for £20 plus change.

That’s a lot of 1990’s Batman for £60!


Oh? What was it? Hadn’t heard about this one.


In one of the final chapters of “The Search” there are a couple of pages printed in the wrong order.


Picking up on my earlier comments re: Absolute Authority Vol 2, I see that DC are planning a third edition of the Death & Return of Superman Omnibus!

The first edition, in 2007, was apparently missing a lot of content.

The second edition, from 2013, that I bought, has a substantially higher page count and included pretty much everything.

The third edition, however, includes extras. The Bloodlines Annuals starting the four replacement Supermen. The Supergirl & Team Luthor Special. And, various epilogue issues that set the scene for the Superboy and Steel ongoings.

I’m not going to buy the book again. I’m not. But, I really want to :confused:

I half expect the same thing to happen with the second Knightfall Omnibus now. To include the four Bloodlines Annuals, and to correct the above printing error.

It’s beginning to feel a little bit like a mug’s game buying these prestige books.


I love the Death and Return Saga…but none of that was essential and I was actually glad the second printing excluded that. Glad for completionists, but not dipping in again.


It does put me off and is the reason I have far less DC OHCs than Marvel, due to DC’s very patchy track record.

They’re also back to their bad old ways on book dimensions and titling a hardback “Deluxe Hardcover” - I just can’t work out what I’ll actually be buying, so I don’t.

Then there’s their blatant triple-dipping on the OHC Rebirth Deluxe editions. As of right now, I plan to get Abnett-Sejic’s Aquaman arc in OHC, finish Tynion’s 'Tec run, may stick with Batman, but that’s about it.

After a great start, DC have relapsed badly a couple of years later.


They really have. They seem to have abandoned most of the interesting back catalogue runs they were collecting in favour of reprinting the same old stuff over again. Everyone is always saying how good DC are at keeping evergreens in print, but it’s often to the detriment of everything else.