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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


cue Arnie… You need detailed files.


I always imagine FP getting a wave of cancellation emails as soon as the SH pre-orders go live. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think they really rely on people like me to forget, that’s why they get their offers in ahead of everybody else :smiley:


For @vikram and a few others, just spotted:

Another find:


Glad to see the Xerxes HC confirmed. I’ll definitely double-dip.


Me too.
And finally get the 300 HC at last.

It definitely has uplifted both works in my eyes. Need em all haha.


The 300 HC is a nice edition. If the Xerxes one follows suit it will present the material very nicely indeed.


These two just arrived, to complete my Shaolin Cowboy collection.

I’ve never read either so can’t wait to dig in.


Oh, and this came today too - the new Absolute edition of Millar’s Authority run.

Oversized Frank Quietly and Art Adams artwork: never a bad thing.


Thanks, Ben. That looks like it’s just going to be the Tynion finale, but it will be an awfully slim volume if that’s the case. I guess I’ll have to wait for the official solicit to know for sure. Why April 2019 though; that’s a long time away!


Thanks @BenObiwomble for the heads up £55 isn’t bad.
I think I’m set for a while.
Will probably get the collected edition of Mr Miracle when it comes out but nothing else on the horizon for me


Given how The Button and Oz Effect OHCs have been, it won’t look that slim.

To complete the Hickman epic, SHEILD you need.


I hope they eventually do a SHIELD “Omnibus” with both series + the special in it.


Probably, albeit at more than the cost of both OHCs though.


Alas, I don’t have the first OHC :disappointed:


Alas indeed.


You got me on that one


I don’t know how you can have those two Hickman omnibuses separated like that! I’m getting twitchy just looking at the photo.


I think we need to agree some kind of official Millarworld Shelving System™ so that we can post pictures of our collections without fear of reproach.


Well while infinity is in vol 1 original sin isn’t in vol 2 but still plays a small role for character development. Also Axis should probably go in as it would explain Tony Starks change in attitude.