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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


That’s a great price! Leap on that.


I already did!

Of course, I might not have without your excellent review that demonstrated it to be a truly lovely volume worthy of the cash.

And a great addition to the other 5 Absolutes + Absolute Death


Cheers, Ben. I went for that too. In a moment of weakness, seeing as I already have the Deluxe edition and think this volume is a rip off, in terms of content to price. However, I also have the other five Sandman Absolutes and Death too. So, at that price it was hard to deny.

Never bought from these guys before. I assume that they’re recommended; and not just for their prices?


I’ve used Books etc a few times with no issues.


Yeah, Books Etc are fine.


Yeah, I’ve bought loads from them at crazy prices.

My one recommendation is to buy 1 item per order. They got a bit confused on multiple item orders when I first ordered from them some months back, but stick to 1 per order and they do fine.


Recently read a few collections…

The Flash: Rebirth
To be clear, the pre-New 52 mini-series. I hadn’t been wildly impressed with it originally, but in hindsight I appreciate it more.

The Flash Vol. 4: Reverse
I wish I’d made more of an effort to read the Francis Manapul era back in the day, as I’ve grown to enjoy it a great deal.

Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War
I love Johns’ whole GL epic; this was where he went epic within the epic for the first time.

Green Lantern: Earth One Vol. 1
Soundly impressed with this new interpretation. Will be exploring more of the team’s work when I get a chance.


Much as he tried, for me Johns never topped this within his GL run. It was superb.


Also captures the exact moment Pete Tomasi took on regular writing duties, which is pretty cool.


I read a couple of issues of Johns’ GL but it wasn’t for me. Johns hasn’t been for me since his early JSA run.

I’ve always wanted to like GL, the possibilities with the character are endless. Maybe with Morrison.


Highly suggest giving the Earth One volume a look. Removes all the weighty continuity and gives a fresh look at everything, with lots of inspired new decisions along the way.


And yet again a comic publisher goes out of its way to make its books’ reading order transparent and easy to follow, so people will be more inclined to pick up an entire series. Bravo, DC :clap:

As a matter of interest, what are they calling the Flash trades that are part of Rebirth? :thinking:


It was just one six-issue miniseries. Like Green Lantern: Rebirth, with Geoff Johns had used to restore Hal Jordan to his proper place among the lanterns, this did the same with the Flash.
DC’s line-wide Rebirth took the name from these efforts because they had been successful.


Oh, sure, it’s logical after you’ve had it explained.

It’s not very logical when you’ve read one Flash trade and quite enjoyed it and you’re in the bookshop trying to figure out what comes next.


To be fair, how likely is that to happen?


Surely for you, what comes next would be the Golden Age Omnibus Volume 2?


Which is still a little confusing, as most of those are being reprinted in both hardcover and paperback with differing content.


Man, this comics stuff is hard.


I do like the simple numbering on the Golden-Age Omnibuses :slight_smile: . Plus the way they interleave issues of multiple titles into publication order, so you don’t have to figure out whether, e.g. Action Comics Omnibus #2 comes before or after Superman Omnibus #1. It’s really impossible to read something out of order. (I know that reading order is less relevant in that era, but still, they show that it can be done with a bit of thought and foresight.)


They know they have to make it simple because the geezers reading the stuff are having enough trouble remembering other everyday things. :wink: