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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


This is some fucking great comics, everyone should check it out


Best option was to buy the monthlies!


Christ Dave that bookshelf looks awfully familiar, even in the order the books are sitting beside each other in



I call thee brother!

Unfortunately the Ikea bookcases aren’t wide enough to fit all of Morrison’s stuff on one shelf - I have the same problem with my Alan Moore and Frank Miller shelves too. :slight_smile:

So there’s an overspill shelf that has a bit of stuff not in that photo - mainly softbacks and uncollected single issues and magazines. There’s actually quite a lot of Morrison stuff that only exists in that format.


What I don’t understand is why the JLA Deluxes are not stacked alongside DC One Million? And Flex Mentallo being on the other side of the shelf from Doom Patrol? C’mon, Dave. That’s just amateurish. I understand you’re going for alphabetical, but surely character/ universal/ chronological makes much more sense?



Yup. This is totally me.


I generally keep my big books flat; never had any problems with the spines. Might have to try the post-it note trick.

I’m not really a fan of these giant omnibus books. As stated, they’re tricky to store, and can can cumbersome to actually read. I would have rather seen them do slipcased sets of hardcovers for these, with each book no thicker than an inch or so. It would also allow for more artwork and some interesting designs. (Of course, with those, they’d be stepping on the Absolute range.)


A lot of these DC omnibuses tend to be followed pretty quickly by deluxes, which is more in the format you mention; relatively slim but high-end OHCs that essentially replicate the omnibus contents in multiple volumes. It’s happened for Invisibles, Animal Man and Doom Patrol I think, and Morrison’s Batman is already available mostly in that format.

I like omnis because I like having the whole story in one book, and I don’t find them that hard to read (I often read on a cushion on my lap anyway), but I can understand some people wanting a smaller book.


You should see my Alan Moore shelf, it’s an absolute mess in comparison.


I do quite a few custom binds but I’ve seen a lot of these bootleg books about lately. They are oversized so he must be scanning pages then printing at a larger size.


Huh. I genuinely never thought I’d see the day that someone would try and sell print-offs of comics they’ve scanned in on eBay.


I’m not sure if I’ve seen it with printed comics before now, but it’s definitely happened with webcomics, and there’s a bunch of largely automated channels that sell bound and printed versions of Wikipedia articles.


Pah, Checker did that with their Awesome Comics TPBs years ago.


Recent reads:

Wonder Woman OHC1-2

I have to admit, reading the issues in the order they came out, with the alternating narrative, ended up being more effective than I expected it to be. All in all, it worked well.

For anyone who liked the harsher Azzarello-Chiang take, this arc is more problematic and the only solution is to play the multiverse card. Though, when contrasted with the character’s traditional mythos, it does become kind of obvious why the new 52 version has to go.

The other problem is that the arc, overall, doesn’t seem to add up to much. Nor does Diana’s restored faith in her gods make much sense.

Finally, there is Cale’s arc which collapses completely for me for one reason. I do not buy that Cale is anything other than a sociopathic chief executive type. Her caring about her friend? Don’t buy it. Her daughter? Don’t buy it - she’s not the mother type either, unless the type is tyrant.

Despite these flaws, however, I enjoyed the read. Part of it are the neat character observations Rucka scatters across the run and how the twin stories link across time. The other is the excellent art, lead by Sharpe and Scott - both very different styles, but each is distinctive and excellent.

Wildstorm: Michael Cray Volume 1

Well, this really is kind of on the nose with its superhero analogues, isn’t it? I quite like that in the extras, it’s shown to be Ellis behind this particular bit of mischief.

Are they that good? No, but the creative demises are fun.

Granted, I wouldn’t have picked up on the sheer level of offence without @markabnett going to town on it, but it still would have looked a bloody odd depiction of Kiwi Land.

Despite all of this, it does work well enough as a quick, fun read.

Wildstorm: Volume 2

And here we are back to a dense tale of clandestine organisations engaged in covert warfare against each other, with shady agendas all over the place.

Do I have an accurate sense of who’s doing what to whom and why? Not exactly. Does it matter? Not really.

Davis-Hunt’s art continues to be absolutely superb. Both at the big action scenes and the quieter, more talky sequences.


Look what arrived today…

However it is going to need to get parked, because yesterday I opened a bottle of wine and cracked open this bad boy…

And it’s going to keep me busy for a while…not to mention volume 2 and Overture.


So there is a Sandman Omnibus now in addition to the Absolutes? Are there people who get both?


I never went for the absolutes - just too pricey at the time, but I’d always wanted to get it in collected form…so went for the omnibus editions, of which there are two

Beautiful looking books


They’re too big for me though, I can hardly handle the Absolutes. I prefer my books leaner.


Talking of Sandman…

Dealer Alert

Expected it but didn’t expect the drop to be this large:

Absolute Sandman Overture - Books Etc - £46.06 - 54% off