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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


DC omnibuses are standard page size, aren’t they?


The pages are physically bigger but there’s a very generous margin. So I’ve never been sure (and I’m too lazy to measure them :smiley: ).


No. They are OHC size. They used to be regular trim (back when they published the Starman or original Fourth World books), but they are now oversized. And, have been for a good few years now.


If by good you mean awesome, then yes! Kind of.
You’ll go along thinking he was meant to do this, and tell the best after-Kirby New Gods story ever.

But at a certain point it’s like something happens in editorial and that translates to the page (“start wrapping this up”).
Not like it’s an absolute trainwreck, it’s just that the bar got raised so high and you never want to come down again.

And it really did become the best monthly at one point, but that beautiful feeling of reading and just knowing all your other favorites went to #2 and below.
Plus it was Simonson being relevant again, on a Kirby creation. Perfect match.

Like @Vikram says, if you like Simonson, you’ll be glad to own this.


I’m getting tempted to cancel my amazon order and order it somewhere else

I contacted amazon to ask if there was a risk of my order not being fulfilled and the guy kinda skirted around the question


Panic over…they’ve emailed me to say it’s been dispatched


Few more DC listings of interest.

Back to the nonsense of six issue silly little hardcovers from DC for the following:


Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus, volume one

I finished working my way through this last night. What a great read! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It’s all such good stuff. The opening arc introducing Damian gets things off to a fun start, the backbone to the overarching story is so strong, and the odd one-offs peppered throughout the run (the prose issue about the Joker; the #666 issue with Damian in the future) break things up really nicely.

The Resurrection Of Ra’s Al Ghul issues are probably the lowpoint, but there are only two of them and it’s nice to have them for completism’s sake (ditto the 52 excerpts that open the book). Plus, Chris Burnham’s recap pages fill in the missing issues of the crossover nicely.

I love the superhero-meets-Agatha-Christie vibe of the JHW3 issues involving the international Club Of Heroes, and the issues dealing with the ‘three ghosts of Batman’ are brilliantly unsettling and weird.

After that, “Batman RIP” was even better than I remembered, and brought together so many threads from earlier in the run that I had forgotten about. Reading it all in such quick succession is a great way to spot all the little connections that Morrison weaves throughout his tenure.

And those two ‘Last Rites’ issues that tie things off for this volume are such a rush to read. They even helpfully include some brief excerpts from Final Crisis to put it in a bit of context.

(I might have to carry on through with the full Final Crisis event, Batman & Robin, Return of Bruce Wayne, Time and the Batman and Incorporated now.)

Most of all, this reminded me of one of the most fun times I’ve ever had reading a comics run as it came out. I remember being hugely excited each time a new issue was on the way, reading and rereading each one carefully, discussing it with other people who were into it (@DenizCamp!), reading annotations on each little detail that Morrison was drawing on to construct his story, and speculating on what would be next.

Some specific issues of this run even remind me of certain times and places, of what was going on in my life when each issue came out, and where I was when I read them.

With all that weight of memory and nostalgia (albeit fairly recent nostalgia!) tied up in this book, I was worried that it wouldn’t hold up to a reread like this. But I shouldn’t have worried: it’s as great as ever.

Roll on volume two!


Aka Final Crisis Omnibus RRP $150 / £135.

Dealer Alert

Few good things going, first the usual supplier:

Shaolin Cowboy: Start Trek OHC - Books Etc - £13.54

James Bond: Case Files HC - Books Etc - £13.77

A&A The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong OHC - Books Etc - £26.26

Brink Volume 2 - Books Etc - £8.26

Over to da Hen for preorders:

X-Men: Wedding of Cyclops & Phoenix Omnibus - SpeedyHen - £60.42

Guardians of the Galaxy Duggan Omnibus - SpeedyHen - £37.32

Fantastic Four Byrne Omnibus 1 - SpeedyHen - £60.42

Nearer the time? Guardians might go as low as £32 elsewhere, while the big £60 omnibus might go as low as £55.


Nah, Final Crisis already has an Absolute that collects just the Morrison stuff. I’d much rather hang on to that.

The plan is for three dedicated Morrison Batman omnis. The last one will presumably be all of Incorporated, with everything else in-between in the second one.


But your shelf size will be inconsistent - alas…


Oh, that’s already the case. I already know I probably won’t be buying the third Morrison Batman Omnibus as I already have the Absolute Batman Incorporated. Whether I buy the second omni (and ditch Absolute Batman & Robin and the RoBW/Time and the Batman HCs) depends largely on how they order the material in the omni.


DC do some very strange things at times and the Morrison Bat-epic is a great example:

  • Batman: The Black Glove / Batman RIP OHC
  • Absolute Final Crisis
  • Absolute Batman & Robin
  • Return of Bruce Wayne OHC
  • Time & The Batman OHC
  • Absolute Batman Incorporated

Like they couldn’t have been more consistent?


Don’t I know it! Time And The Batman isn’t even an OHC, just a regular HC.

The Black Glove stuff was two separate regular HCs first too, and B&R three separate OHCs.


Yep - I waited 'em out.


In fairness, DC have spent years now getting most of Morrison’s work in OHC (or Absolute) one way or another.

Action Comics is probably the biggest outlier now.


I have Absolute Final Crisis too, which is really all I need.

I’m so glad I waited for this Omnibus. Like Dave said it’s the best presentation of this material published yet. With the 52 excerpts, and Burnham’s Resurrection recaps - that was a pretty awful crossover, but it would have been disappointing had it not included Morrison’s two chapters.

Any idea when the second and third volumes might be coming out?

@DaveWallace @BenObiwomble - interesting that you store your Omnibuses standing up. Don’t you find the pages start sagging in the middle, and pull away from the spine? I always try to store mine lying flat, but that does take up more space, so I’d be interested in your experience?


Dave’s got more of the absolute monster omnibuses, I’ve only one of those - Infinite Crisis.

Might depend on what your bookcase can take? Have heard lying flat can also work against the book, so might not be a perfect method.


Lying flat can cause spine roll which can damage the books just as seriously.

Vertical isn’t ideal either for the reason you mention, but one solution that collectors use is to get a pack of post-its, and then measure and pull off a block that you can place under the other end of the pages opposite the spine. It supports them and stops them sagging.

You can also cut small bits of packing foam to size if you’ve got the time and inclination.

I don’t do either, but I should try the post-it thing as a pre-emptive measure.


Nothing official yet, but after the success of this volume I would guess sooner rather than later. A reprint of the first one seems likely too.