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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Do you have a link to the 2019 catalog?


I do, but I think Edelweiss have blocked access to it for Joe Public.

So it comes up blank for me.

I’ve seen some speculation that the release might be being held back to tie in with a Swamp Thing TV show that’s in development for DC’s streaming platform, but I don’t know how much truth there is in that.


Yep down to £31.79 for the Morrison omnibus.


Can’t manage to look at the DC catalogue on Edelweiss, but there’s a glut of new listings for them and Marvel up on Amazon.

Mostly just trades of ongoing series and some hardcovers for DC:

I’ll do another post for Marvel.


The Promethea deluxe edition suggests that the Immateria sideways hardcover is probably completely dead now. Shame.


Marvel for next Spring.

^Not quite sure why this lot doesn’t warrant being done as a volume of the Iron Fist Epic Collections.

^Gambit’s solo series from 2004, which I think was by Layman?

This is interesting. The Epic Collections haven’t gone past Onslaught for any of the books that ended with it and were rebooted for Heroes Reborn (I think Wolverine’s Epics have gone into the late 90s though). Now, we get a Complete Collection for FF Heroes Return, suggesting that those mid/ate 90s reboots are the end points for all the Epic Collection maps.

^ I’ve not been too fussed about what I’ve read of Sgt Fury, but moving into the non-strictly super-hero books for the Epics is interesting. Hopefully we might get some of the westerns. (I’m not holding my breath).


That Batman Noir Gotham by Gaslight looks like a must buy.

Anyone who hasn’t read Aaron’s Ghost Rider run needs to get that Complete Collection too. It’s a great run.


Anyone who has never read this needs to do so when it comes out next year:


I never have! I will definitely pick that up.


I love this story and I love Mike Mignola’s art, but…

$30 seems an awful lot to ask for 120 pages.


It was originally a 48 page prestige format book, so I do wonder what is going to be in this version. Maybe the sequel by Ed Barreto too.


I had an impulse buy in my LCS yesterday. A hardback collection of most of Dork! by Evan Dorkin. The Milk & Cheese and Eltingville strips are absent as they were collected elsewhere. But like the 10th page is the Fisher-Price Theatre adaptation of The Lottery, which has been one of my favourire one-page strips for the longest time.

And it was only €20


Quick question for the MW intelligentsia; is Walt Simonson’s Orion good? I’m seeing the omni for less than £40, which seems stupidly cheap, makes me worry that not a lot of fans want to read it. I love Kirby’s New Gods, I love Simonson’s Thor and FF, so I’m primed for this, but I wonder why it’s so cheap.


It’s alright. The first half is really strong, the second half is a bit more hit and miss and it ends pretty okay.
I figure it’s cheap because they’re releasing bulky trades right now collecting the run.

The omni had a thing with putting the back-up stories out of order, which has been fixed for that release.


I think the Orion omnibus was only US$75.00 at RRP, so taking into account exchange rates and the usual discount then £40 sounds about right.


It’s great. Get it. Especially if you like Simonson’s other work.


This showed up today. A dented corner, which is disappointing, but given how hard it is to come by I’ll live with that. Looking forward to reading it again. Excellent!


If it’s as low around £36-37, grab it. It’s a big, quality omnibus.


I say get the trades. It’s fixed order-wise and less cumbersome.


Thanks for the input guys. I see we have a split house! But I gotta go with buying the omni, at £34 and free delivery it seems rude not to; and where Simonson’s art is concerned, the larger the page the better.