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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


I’m not sure, I’m a bit worried that their version only has 4 illustrations in it.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 784 pages, 4 Illustrations, unspecified
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Publication Date: 16/10/2018

Probably explains how they can do it so cheaply :wink:


Nah, da Hen is reliable. It knows its roast chicken if it’s not.


It’s also surprising because there’s a second Complete Collection of Tomb out in October reprinting a lot of the same material.


A couple of pre-orders just went live at Speedyhen.

Absolute Batman: The Killing Joke - £24.28

Moon Knight by Lemire and Smallwood OHC - £18.82


Possibly the wrong place to ask this, but with all the pre-ordering that goes on here one of you must have hit this problem before.

What do you do when you’ve pre-ordered a book (so payment not yet taken) on a card that has just expired? Do you have to go in and change the billing details on every order, or will it be handled automatically?


You will have to change the card details to the new one, but how you do that depends on who you have ordered with.

With Amazon it’s very easy to go into your pending orders and edit them to switch the payment method to a new card. With other retailers you may have to cancel and replace the order, or phone them up to ask to change the card details (I’ve had to do this with FP UK in the past).


Ok, thanks. I guess it was too optimistic to hope that the banking system would be intelligent enough to just make it happen :expressionless:


I think people would have more of a problem if the banking system handed over new card details to anyone who asked for them, without the cardholder’s approval. :slight_smile:


Yes, I guess so :smiley:

There are still secure options, though. Like, when I place the order it’s lodged with my bank as “pending payment”, with a date, and the bank just processes it on that date even if the card has changed in the intervening period. (Added bonus: I see pending payments on my statements, so I remember it’s coming). I can’t see any practical reason why that couldn’t be done.

Incidentally: the only reason I’ve even thought about this is that Hachette Partworks (who I know have a bad rep on this forum, but honestly I think their customer service is consistently awesome) wrote to me to say, hey your card is due to expire do you want to update your details? Nobody else bothered doing that, I guess they’d just rather let my orders fail.


Presumably that’s because Hachette’s subscription model means they will be processing payments regularly (monthly) so will be regularly checking payment details as they do that.

If you have a pending pre-order with a retailer for a book that isn’t out until December (say), they probably won’t be looking at those card details again until it comes to process the payment in December.


From the latest DC solicits:


Still no sign of Absolute Swamp Thing though. Maybe the recolouring is going to be a bigger job than anticipated.


Great to see that, though damn pricey.

Sadly, DC look to be going back to their bad old trade ways.


I adore “Black Mirror”; I’m really tempted by this. It has to be said.

Also, the second volume of the Norm Breyfogle Legends of The Dark Knight book - collecting more of the very best Batman run, ever? Hell yes!


I just checked Amazon for the first volume and it’s going crazy prices. I checked Ebay and found a brand new copy for less than the cover price. Bought!!!


Maybe there’s a shortage of green ink.


Hope you enjoy. There are some amazing stories in that first book.


An update on this - apparently the Hachette catalogue is listing it in DC’s fall catalogue with a release date of 2 July 2019. So a way off yet!


I’m getting towards the end of the Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus now, and, well, it wouldn’t be a DC omnibus without some kind of screw-up…

But at least this one is relatively minor. The end of the first chapter of ‘Batman RIP’ uses a version of the final page that should have been corrected for all future editions due to a colouring mistake.

(It involves the Joker being covered in blood, which he shouldn’t be, because the massacre sequence leading up to it was an imaginary/hallucination scene.)

So the omnibus uses this version of the page:

Rather than this corrected one that was used in collected editions:

It’s an easy mistake to make I guess. And in some respects you can argue that it presents the run as originally experienced by readers. Not the end of the world either way.

I wonder what the error will be in the Seven Soldiers omnibus? :slight_smile:


It’ll only have six of them?