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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Too late for me…


Yer the wrong side of the Atlantic too, sorry.


Story of my life…


So Amazon, the Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus Vol 1, and the great £29 pre-order debacle …


It goes on …

The end result, they cancelled my order and I got a credit note to spend in the Marketplace on a replacement order.

If anyone else is still waiting, look out for further shenanigans.


Hey, you get access to InStockTrades.

I’m keeping an eye on BooksEtc but so far, nothing for them either.

There has been cases where stock has been delayed by a couple of weeks - it was the Wolverine Goes To Hell omnibus, came out mid-May but most online copies not ordered from comic shops were towards the end of the month.


That’s shitty behaviour.

Although from what I gather stocks have run low on this quicker than expected. Instocktrades in the US recently limited them to one per customer and even then they sold out quick. Maybe there was greater demand than expected.


Looks that way. There are very few “in stock” copies out there. All the usual places seem to be out.

Hopefully the Marketplace seller will come through, and their item wasn’t a phantom listing too.


Sadly, that’s standard retail practice. Bottom level are required to hold the company line and told their superiors will do the same. However, you can pretty much get whatever you want if you go high enough up the ladder. Food service is usually even worse.

Ideally, the person at the bottom would be equipped to deal with the issue but then it would probably happen too often and be less profitable.


It’s pretty unusual with Amazon. I’ve uses their live chat thing loads of times and never had that kind of response.



Which is why I have three defunct copies of the Fourth World omnibus in my closet floor.
I asked for some help returning and they just threw up their hands and let me keep em for free.


.com or

Wonder if there’s a difference in support models between regions. This was my first time using that service. But, is now another reason why I try not to use them unless I really need to.


Ah, com.


The uk site is usually pretty good in these kinds of situations too. This is unusual.


Keep an eye on this link for the Batman Morrison Omnibus:

Currently it’s £46, 22% off but it could go down very rapidly, as they sometimes do a small reduction for a while and then a +40% off hits.


I was hoping for a preview of the recolored art for Absolute Swamp Thing to be shown at Comic Con.


You can get it from WHSmith for £39 if you’re willing to wait for backorders to be filled.


I think BooksEtc could go as low to £30-35 if you but wait for the opportune moment…


Apologies if it’s already been mentioned, but I’ve only just seen that there’s a new printing of the Tomb Of Dracula Omnibus due next month.

Very useful for those of us who completely missed the first printing!


Yep, got it preordered on Amazon. But, I’ll likely switch to this when it goes active next month: