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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


Bit more of a dripfeed of upcoming Marvel trades. Nothing as controversial as yesterday though.

Well, maybe that Deadpool “Classic” has been successful enough now that it’s moved far beyond “classic” material and reached Mercs For Money, which is the series from post-Secret Wars, I think.

That’s a lot of 90s Venom mini-series.

A Ms Marvel omnibus, despite there also being an Epic collection with some of the same material due within a month or two.

This is the series where Frank is an angel or something and can summon magic weapons. Scraping that early 00s barrel.


Yay! I’ve been expecting a Ms. Marvel Omnibus. I’ll have to wait and see if Forbidden Plant does a cheap deal on it though. It’s not listed yet…


Can I just check (I think I know the answer but just to be sure), this

isn’t an Absolute format, is it?


No. Looks like a regular Omnibus to me. That collects stories from 3 Absolute editions.


Thanks. I didn’t know they had released Sandman omnibuses, so the volume number “3” was baffling whichever way I looked at it.


Vol 1 and 2 both came out a few years ago. Shortly after the original Absolute Editions came out.


Dealer Alert

@markabnett and anyone else, move fast!

Hickman Avengers Omnibus 2 - Books Etc - £54.96


Your a legend. £68 on Amazon.

And with that I think I’m done for a while.
The shelves look good.

Maybe Miracleman next year but we will see.


You’ll need the upcoming SHIELD OHC to complete the Hickman super-epic.


Another straggling Marvel fish.


Wow, that’s a real odds and sods collection. I guess there’s some good issues in there?


Another Marvel fish:



Yeah, the downside of the Epic’s laudable aim of being totally comprehensive is that you do get some volumes completely waylaid by tie-ins and crossovers.


The Claremont stuff is okay but not as good as the collaborations with Davis. The Lobdell and Higgins stuff is complete and utter dreck, some of the worst comics ever and I would very much recommend avoiding this collection.

It’s mostly the material Davis retconned immediately when he came back to the book as it was all dreadful and made no sense.


I remember liking the jokes in the Lobdell stuff, at least.


I don’t hate Lobdell, some of his stuff I really enjoyed like Generation X and parts of his X-Men run. This was some of his earliest work though and it shows. The Higgins stuff is the worst though.

This is the bit from Davis where he says none of it made any sense in a not too subtle way as it featured characters that were dead and others acting out of character or just badly drawn.

I think it’s a good rule of thumb with Excalibur that if it’s written by any of Claremont, Davis or Ellis it’s worth reading. If not, don’t bother. :smile:


Yeah, I don’t think I ever even bought that posession one-shot that Davis is trashing in that sequence.


Star Wars: Journey to the Last Jedi: Captain Phasma OHC

A four-issue $24.99 / £22.99 RRP OHC is pretty damn pricey, so why should you buy this? Well, let’s see:

First, it really taps the potential of Phasma’s character in a way that both films failed to. Phasma is a character out for herself, her show of loyalty to the First Order is a pretense - one that Hux and Ren buy due to how convincing Phasma makes it, but be under no illusion, if the First Order must die for her to survive so be it. The story shows this in various ways from Phasma’s pinning the destruction of Starkiller Base on a subordinate while deleting the record that she dropped the shield, but she doesn’t stop there. What follows is a tale of carnage and betrayal that ends, that has to end, in exactly the way the reader expects. It is to Thompson’s credit that she doesn’t shirk from folloiwng the plot all the way to its logical conclusion. She also manages to make this feel more than a mere four-issue story, she doesn’t have a lot of space but she does a lot with it, including a nod to the Phasma book.

Second, this is four issues of Checchetto at work, who has become one of Marvel’s premier artists for me and he doesn’t disappoint here. Page after page of clear but detailed art provides incredible imagery and story-telling. Sure, someone else could have done the art but the narrative would not have been anywhere near as good. The OHC format really shows this off.

Third, if you buy from the right places, you can get this with about 40% knocked off - I nabbed it for £12.34, at a per-issue cost of just over £3, that’s acceptable if the quality is there - it’s here in this one in spades. So yeah, it’s a small, pricey but top-notch little OHC.


Dealer Alert

Mignolaverse fans, go…

Abe Sapien: The Drowning And Other Stories HC - Books Etc - £16.77


That’s really nice meta-writing from Davis :smiley: