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The Trades Thread - Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, and More


First trade only, so half of it’ll be wholly new.


I got a message from them saying they are still trying to fill my order or something

If I’d know man I’d have just ordered from my usual preorders guy.

Same re the silver surfer omnibus I ordered


Those of you after the Batman Omnibus ought to keep an eye on other sites, a bargain may become available.

Amazon have previous form for these antics.


I don’t think anyone will beat Amazon this time - £29 (using the £10-off voucher earlier this year). I don’t mind holding on a couple of days for that.


A couple of decent pre-order prices have just gone live at SpeedyHen.

Batman: White Knight for £13.50:

And the Batman by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale Omnibus (Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Haunted Knight and Catwoman: When In Rome, as well as a few other bits and pieces) for £56.18:


Not at that price, they won’t.


I’ve got all three of the Loeb/ Sale Absolute Batman books already; otherwise that Omnibus would be mighty tempting. I don’t even like Loeb’s writing, but he seems to come alive when paired with Sale.


I got rid of the Absolutes once I heard the omnibus was coming - I liked them but the omni costs so much less than I could get for them (especially with Absolute Dark Victory being OOP now) and I like the idea of having it all in one book.


Yeah, there’s something about that combination.


Rumble: Volume 4

There’s an effective recap that gets you back up to speed as to what’s gone on and then you’re dumped back into this weird, quirky tale.

I really like Rubin’s art, it’s got a distinctive, odd edge to it while doing an excellent job of telling Arcudi’s story.

Talking of whom, I have a lot of confidence in Arcudi. Am I certain of where the story is going? No. Am I certain it’ll work? No. Am I certain Arcudo has a plan that will? Yep.

Roll on the Volume 5 trade! (Yeah, I know, Feb 2019.)


Rubin’s good, but I really miss Harren.


Is there a chance that Amazon might not fulfill the preorders?


No. I had the Tomasi Batman and Robin Omnibus preordered for £52.

Took them a bit of time, but they got the stock and sent it off.


As long as I get it I don’t mind the wait

It’s my most eagerly awaited omnibus of all time


I think The Killing Joke’s reputation has actually diminished greatly, at least to parts of the audience. Not least because the author himself has denounced it. It was a product of its time, Alan Moore still in full deconstruction mode. Many of the ideas he works with there resonate, though, and he is a brilliant writer, so it’s still one of the better Batman stories out there, and it has an important place in comics literary history.


Well, an Omnibus came today, but not the Grant Morrison Batman omnibus.

This thing is a beast. Looking forward to cracking it open later.


Such a great series. I can see me reading it every couple of years it’s pretty amazing


I opened it up to have a first glance. So far so good.

The binding looks fairly solid (which is pretty important with these giant books), even towards the very front and back.

Plus, the extras look pretty comprehensive in that everything I can remember from previous collections is here. There’s the behind-the-scenes stuff from Harris:

And extensive script-to-page comparisons for a couple of issues.

Also, all the TPB covers are included.

As are the covers to the five HCs.

Plus - and this sounds like a silly thing, but makes quite a big difference to the reading experience - the way the issues are presented in the book is much more sensible, in that every issue is preceded by its cover as a chapter break.

I know that’s the norm, but the original OHCs were maddening in that they presented the story arcs in huge chunks - often with the last page of one issue butting right up against the first of the next, even when the latter was more or less a recap of the last issue’s cliffhanger - and didn’t include many of the covers whatsoever. So it’s nice to have that corrected here.

Oh, and the cover under the dustjacket is really smart.

(Hopefully DC haven’t printed any pages in the wrong order or anything like that, as I won’t notice that until I read it.)


Trent: Volume 3: When The Lamps Are Lit

This is becoming a great little series that Cinebook are translating. Part of the reason I like it is that it’s Leo writing compact, 46-page stories rather than the sprawling, slow-burning series arc titles he’d go on to do. It’s not that those aren’t very good, they are - but they’re best read in one go and it takes some time for the set to come out. Then there’s Rodolphe’s art, which is wonderfully detailed and the lead character.

The previous two albums alluded to Trent having suffered a romantic heartbreak, but that was all. Here, we get the fuller story of that, along with the story of a bunch of vicious small-town thieves. Trent himself is an old-style laconic lead, who tends to go with the line that actions speak louder than words. He may not appear to do much, but when he does act it’ll be decisive and at the right moment.

Mystik U

With Rebirth reviving DC’s superheroes, this is a miniseries aimed at doing the same for the magical characters - which it succeeds at. Writing is by Kwitney, who proves to be very good at spinning a dense, complex tale across six issues, while the art is fantastic because it’s from Mike Norton of Revival fame.

Like Rebirth, it pays homage to what has gone before, but remixes it - so it turns out Mystik U includes Cain and Abel as part of the staff, along with Mister E who, it is no surprise, is still an arsehole.

The only weakness of the book lay in its inclusion of a dreary, seen-it-all-before-and-it-was-crap-then sorority plot, where Zatanna’s lacking sense of confidence is preyed upon - OK, it ends up being literally true, but that’s not enough to salvage it. Still, that’s a small, minor bit of what’s an excellent little series.


Black Science HC Vol 1: I was a little off on this at first. It just felt like a bit repetitive, with each issue felling like it was just the characters running through some alternate dimension, being chased by weird creatures.

But I started to get into it when the characters were a more fleshed out. And they do acknowledge in later issues that all they’ve been doing is running through worlds. so I liked that they used it as a plot point.

The art from Matteo Scalera is super detailed and filled with energy. It’s ideal for this larger format. The only negative I’d say, is that he makes Grants son and daughter look too similar. So I got confused a couple times.

Overall it’s a solid book. A very hectic story, but the characters relationships with each other have me hooked.

One thing I wasn’t so happy with was the binding of the book. Maybe I just got a bad copy. But this…

…was very annoying. I’ve never had a book creak and crack so much while I’ve been reading it.